15 Up-and-Coming Bitcoin Bloggers You Need to Watch

Bitcoin bloggers add fascination, fear, and hype while giving hope in a market that is seen as risky, volatile, and scammers lurking everywhere. They play a major role in influencing the direction Bitcoin and market takes while generating wealth by using various skill sets.

Since the launch of Bitcoin and subsequent growth of altcoins, bloggers have played a big role in demystifying the underlying technology. They are the social candlelight that keeps the industry alight.

Would-be crypto investors turn to Bitcoin bloggers for insights on what, when, where, and how to invest in the industry. With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies by both new and experienced crypto investors, here are 15 up-and-coming Bitcoin bloggers you need to watch.

1. Antony Lewis hits the list of Bitcoin bloggers

Anthony Lewis is not new in the crypto sphere, he came into the limelight after leading a team of trading software developer (FX) at Credit Suisse before moving to itBit as a director. He was instrumental at Bits-on-Blocks which has since rebranded into Paxos.

Lewis’s entry into the crypto sphere has not disappointed. He left itBit in 2015 to study and research on the blockchain on his own. However, a year later he became the Director of Research at R3 based at the Singapore Lab and Research Center. He hit the list of 100 best in Fintech Asia as an influencer and thought leader.

Lewis blogging is inspired by the Bitcoin mysterious concept. He adds that it is important to learn something first before you explain it to others in a way they understand. This has enabled him to excel in blogging about Bitcoin, smart contract, and blockchain discerning even the non-tech savvy crypto enthusiasts.

2. Paul Clevett passion lands him on Bitcoin bloggers list

Based in the United Kingdom, Paul Clevett is an expert in computer programming and Java developer. He specializes in front-end system development using the Oracles Glassfish server.  He is well versed in Windows and Android mobile ecosystems. Clevett experience spans the area of cloud computing, PHP, and creation of custom protocols for UDP transfers.

Clevett is the brain behind the SignalTraders’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex plugin. However, his passion for blogging is because he loves talking about things he is interested in. Clevett says when he started, he never expected to get a huge readership base or even make a die out of blogging about Bitcoin.

3. Trent Lapinski showcases Bitcoin bloggers prowess at Mystic Labs

Trent Lapinski has the entrepreneur knack and activities spanning blockchain, gaming, cloud computing, AI, and distributed networks. To date, he has sold out one high profile startup; CyberChimps Inc. to Humming Bird Web Solutions.

Lapinski, currently a partner at a consulting company ShotVentures also works with Tratus5 that specializes in automating cloud-based systems for ease of managing SaaS businesses. He says he joined the Bitcoin bloggers club to enrich people’s lives by informing them through informative content on MysticLabs.

4. Aziz Zainuddin of Master the Crypto

In a speculative crypto sphere, Aziz Zainuddin is among Bitcoin bloggers you need to keep tabs with. He started off as an investment analyst at Malaysia’s CG Capital Markets, LLC. He was instrumental in conducting market research in the property sector and how blockchain technology can be applied in the industry.

Zainuddin moved to Singapore where he joined Watstock, a crypto trading ecosystem as a financial analyst.  He also took a leadership role at Watstock to come up with a system for predicting crypto prices.

Zainuddin says a growing number is people interested in crypto but find it complicated. However, he uses simple language to make them desire to learn more. His blogging is well articulated through Master the Crypto portal.

5. Mark, the force behind Bitcoin Warrior

Mark’s entry into Bitcoin bloggers realm was because of frustrations from existing corruption in both political and political structures in the U.S. According to the blogger, the situation was so dire soon after the financial meltdown of 2009 that led to wanton misuse of tax payer’s funds when decided to launch Bitcoin Warrior.

To him, the Bitcoin underlying technology is set to disrupt corrupt systems and bring back control of finances. He sees a future where the financial sector is not a monopoly of central banks or centralized authorities.

Mark started off crypto blogging as a business and pastime to make a few bucks. He went ahead to specialize in Bitcoin. His interest in Bitcoin has been growing and his dream of introducing new people to the virtual asset continues to come true. However, he admits that he has become an ardent Bitcoin HODLer.

6. Ashley Knowles of I Am Ashley Knowles

Apart from being a successful infrastructure architect and cloud computing consultant expert, Ashley Knowles is an astute contributor in the Bitcoin bloggers space. Based in Brisbane, Knowles is best known in the DevOps circles.

During the 2016 and 2017 crypto boom, Knowles saw an opportunity in crypto adopters; making the extra buck without buying crypto.

The idea of creating wealth through affiliate marketing through I am Ashley Knowles was born. Through the portal, aspiring affiliate marketers have unlimited access to tips on earning through crypto. Knowles entry into Bitcoin bloggers space begun while working as support staff; seeking to get solutions for clients.

7. Brian Armstrong unfamiliar face in Bitcoin Bloggers space

Many know him as a market influencer while others recognize him as the Coinbase CEO. Over the years, his voice has been heard in the crypto space. Through his blogs and more so on crypto charities, the CEO has come out strongly to entice the crypto goers with insights into the complex industry.

Through blogging, he has been able to help the world look at open financial systems from a different angle. By empowering the masses, Armstrong is confident that it is easy to create wealth by starting small and building individual crypto portfolios.

8. Linda Xie influence through the Bitcoin bloggers pen

Linda Xie influence in the cryptocurrency arena continues to thrive. She has inspired many Bitcoin newbies into adopting virtual currencies. The market comes with risks and can be intimidating before learning the market ropes.

Through her blogging, she has been able to unravel the mystery behind blockchain and Bitcoin in particular. Linda worked as a Product Manager at Coinbase, advisor at OxProject. She is the ScalarCaptalco-founder.

9. Peter McCormack open letter

Peter McCormack has over the years become instrumental in matters Bitcoin. He is highly rated at Hackernoon and WhatBitcoinDid. However, his piece titled “Dear Mr. Bank Manager” has endeared himself to many. His following speaks volumes of the impact he has on the Bitcoin community.

Like many Bitcoin bloggers, McCormack addresses a certain niche in his blogs. He clearly demonstrates how financial institutions are being disrupted by blockchain.

He feels that Bitcoin hype is eating into the fiat market and soon, a mass exodus is set to be experienced. The simplicity of the “open letter” simply wakes crypto adorers to become adopters.

10. Haseeb Qureshi, crypto and tech-savvy blogger

Haseeb Qureshi is a crypto commentator who doubles up as an entrepreneur. The prolific tech writer does not only blog about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but he also writes about a wide range of tech topics. You can have a peek preview of his contribution to Free Code Camp.

11. Vitalik Buterin decentralization education

Vitalik Buterin is known for his role as the Ethereum co-founder who has given the crypto sphere the true meaning of decentralized systems. However, he is highly respected among Bitcoin bloggers of our times. He is one crypto genius that anyone interested in the market should follow.

Despite his busy schedule, Buterin has shaped the face of crypto. His style stands out from the best of Bitcoin bloggers and many of his followers arguing that he breaks down complex technical jargon to content that any reader can understand.

12. Lou Kerner demystifying crypto

There are a lot of misconceptions about crypto and Bitcoin in particular. Lou Kerner has taken to Bitcoin blogging to change the perception of crypto haters. The last ten years have proven that the Bitcoin future is bright and its value will keep rising. However, many would beholders do not understand how Bitcoin and crypto works. Kerner content is an eye-opener to the opportunities hidden behind the biggest coin by market capitalization.

13. Shehan Chandrasekera handling the Bitcoin bloggers nightmare

Shehan Chandrasekera has taken into blogging in an area where most Bitcoin bloggers detest; crypto taxation. As the head of Tax Strategy and CoinTracker.io, he plays a vital role in educating the crypto community on taxation in the crypto sphere among other topics.

He is the voice between traditional and digital accounting solutions that are a big headache to many central governments across the globe. Defining what can be taxed and what cannot be taxed in a decentralized economy is complex and Chandrasekera is the guy to watch in matters crypto taxation.

14. Kenny Li crypto investment writer

Many Bitcoin bloggers will tell you that investing in crypto is a risky business is always a risky venture but not with Kenny Li. You can invest in Bitcoin anytime; it is never too late and anyone can invest in crypto. However, the blogger has changed the perception of free tokens through airdrops. He warns that there is nothing like free Bitcoin you have to take action to earn your first bitcoin.

15. Maria Bustillos and trust in the crypto space

Trust is everything when it comes to trading in crypto and this is the message Maria Bustillos is sending to her audience. There is a lot of information sharing online and crypto is not exempted. In her blog “The Smallest of Mark Zuckerberg” it is clear that crypto goers choose projects that they can trust with their data to stay safe in the crypto space.

From the above Bitcoin bloggers, it is clear that sharing what you know best enriches the thirst for knowledge. These bloggers have their little contribution to the industry and their different select niches add up to a clear understanding of the whole industry.

Each blogger has special expertise and language that connects perfectly with their audience. However, what comes out clear is the simplicity of their presentations to their consumers. Early adopters bought into the Bitcoin hype because of the hype and fear of missing out. The modern Bitcoin adopter is crypto aware since the Bitcoin bloggers have simplified everything for the not too tech-savvy to understand.

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