3 Blockchain Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

Blockchain conferences are an excellent mechanism to meet, greet, learn and perhaps, most importantly – network. Whether you are a crypto-startup looking to attract new waves of investment, an innovative developer hoping to showcase your talent to the masses or just looking to meet like-minded individuals that share the same ethos as your product or brand, blockchain conferences can facilitate these goals with ease.

While 2018 was a massive hit for blockchain conferences worldwide, 2019 looks set to continue the trend. Here we explore three of the most notable conferences lined up for 2019 that we think you should consider attending.

Japan Blockchain Conference (JBC)

Yokohama Round 2019 – 30-31 January 2019

What better place to start than one of the most crypto-friendly nations around? Not only did Japan become the first country in the world to regulate Bitcoin in the very same way that it does its domestic financial service industry, but the Japanese Yen now accounts for more Bitcoin trading volume than any other currency, at a remarkable 47% of the market.

Moreover, with more than 200,000 Japanese stores now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means to purchase goods and services in-person, the Asian-powerhouse are taking real-world adoption to the next level. As such, the Japan Blockchain Conference is set to be one of the most notable to date.

Hosted by the Global Blockchain Association, Japan Blockchain Conference facilitate a range of leading Japanese companies that are looking to enter the space, and the presence of multiple high-profile speakers will ensure that the event is a must-see opportunity.

This includes the likes of Charles Hoskinson from Cardano – a project that is well regarded in the blockchain community for utilizing the expertize of leading academics, with the aim of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the cryptocurrency eco-system.

Joining Hoskinson is Ken Kodama of Japanese-based Emurgo, John McAfee, and bitcoin believer and VC investor Tim Draper.

Consensus 2019

13-15 May 2019 – New York

Coindesk – who are often seen as the leading hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news and developments are set to launch the 5th edition of their Consensus Conference. Being held at the Sheraton New York Times Square and New York Hilton Midtown, Consensus will play host to a range of industry professionals from the within the blockchain space. This will include delegates from investment firms, academic institutions, exciting startups, and policy groups.

Across three days of networking, it is believed that the Coindesk Consensus will facilitate the attendance of more than 8,800 people. While Coindesk are still keeping tight-lipped on their line-up if their 2018 edition is anything to go by, it looks set to be another heavyweight event.

The Coindesk Consensus has grown exponentially since its inception in 2015, which saw just 400 attendees. Since then, the event has attracted significant year-on-year growth, with 2019 being no exception.


4th annual DC Blockchain Summit

6-7 March 2019 – Washington

The DC Blockchain Summit is now in its 4th edition, with the event set to re-open its doors on 6-7th March 2019. In what the conference labels as ‘Advocating for the future of blockchain’ the main concept behind the DC Blockchain Summit is to bridge the gap between the crypto-world, with that of the policy community. Such discussions are paramount if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to gain global adoption. Without the collaboration and support of policymakers, real-world adoption will be hindered.

As such, the DC Blockchain Summit is the “Ground zero for many of these discussions.” To illustrate the seriousness of such a conference, there is set to be a range of speakers from within the political community.

This includes the likes of U.S. Republicans Tom Emmer, Bill Foster, and David Schweikert, who collectively make up the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. On top of this, there will also be an in-flux of representatives from the Chamber of Digital Commerce, such as Amy Davine Kim, Paul Brigner, and Perianne Boring, who all hold senior roles at the organization.

Outside of the regulatory community, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of leading cryptocurrency Ripple, will also be making an appearance.

Blockchain conferences all around

In conclusion, while the likes of the Japan Blockchain Conference, Consensus Coindesk and DC Blockchain Summit made our list of the three most unmissable conferences in 2019; others missed out by only a smidgen.

Whether it’s from a regulatory, policy, technological, investment, development or all-around cryptocurrency perspective, 2019 looks set to be the year for blockchain conferences. From Japan to the U.S, Malta, Singapore, Australia, Russia and many, many other locations hosting notable events this year, which conference will you be attending?

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