ABCC Exchange Makes Trading Easy For Millennials & New Crypto Investors

  • ABCC celebrates third year in operation with newly launched user-friendly trading platform
  • Exchange looking to attract a Millennial audience, expects to woo over 1.8 billion new Cryptocurrency investors worldwide

Singapore, 13 April 2021 – Celebrating its third year in operation, ABCC Exchange today unveils ABCC 2.0, an upcoming user-friendly version of its existing cryptocurrency trading platform. Developed with both busy and new Cryptocurrency investors in mind, the new trading platform will feature several accessible functions, including flexible payment systems, diverse spot trading pairs, along with an enhanced overall user experience. All these functions make it easy for investors to trade bitcoin and other top digital assets with fiat currency. This move to announce the upcoming launch of ABCC 2.0 is both strategic and timely – and one that is expected to capture over 1.8 billion new Cryptocurrency investors and Millennial users.

In addition to the upcoming launch of ABCC 2.0, the new up-and-coming trading platform will also spotlight a unified payment gateway system, making it possible for investors to leverage their credit cards to purchase cryptocurrency. This function allows investors to use their funds flexibly, thereby solidifying ABCC 2.0’s positioning as an online digital asset marketplace that accepts both cash and credit.

With an average daily trading volume of USD 10 million per day1 , ABCC Exchange has grown aggressively since its inception in 2018 to become one of Asia’s most credible cryptocurrency exchanges. Keeping in line with the greater region’s regulations and requirements for bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, ABCC Exchange also features refined AML and KYC processes. Backed by artificial intelligence-based AML algorithms to offer depositors the assurance that their funds are secured, investors can be rest assured that their monies are in good hands. Tapping on forensic-level identification authentication technology, the refined KYC process links physical and digital identities, thereby meeting compliance mandates and assures users that their trust and safety come first. At the same time, the refined process allows new clients to onboard in under five minutes. These enhanced features promise both new Cryptocurrency investors and Millennial users a smooth and secure trading experience on the platform.

Says Alan Li, Chief Executive Officer of ABCC: “Millennials like new experiences and are more inclined to trade cryptocurrency. That is why we are also inclined to beef up our security and develop a friendly-to-use trading platform that gives users the confidence to trade and with ease. At ABCC Exchange, we are committed to delivering an exchange platform that is easy-to-use, along with products and solutions that are fit and proper and, more importantly, aligned with the greater region’s regulatory requirements. At the heart of our Exchange’s mission, technology is our core pillar and we have been focusing on leveraging our well-built technology foundation infrastructure and amplifying it to build an exchange that is beyond the existing industry standard.”

Trust In Cryptocurrency Rising Among Millennials

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity as an alternative investment tool among Millennials. With bitcoin prices now trading around USD 60,000 globally, institutional and Crypto investors, as well as Millennials, are turning to the cryptocurrency system to park their investments. Almost half of Millennial online traders have more trust in cryptocurrency cryptocurrency traders say they have more faith in cryptocurrency than the stock market. Even among Millennials that do not trade cryptocurrency, one-third say they trust cryptocurrency over stock exchange. This is in line with ABCC Exchange’s move to capture the Millennial segment, indicating a major interest in a search for an easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading platform.

Reaching Out To Millennial Investors

Gold is to baby boomers and Gen-Xers as bitcoin is to Millennials. A 2020 survey found that 67% of millennials perceive bitcoin to be a more valuable investment asset than gold2 . Zooming in on the greater Asia market, the outlook is no different; Millennials are raring to go, and this is majorly fuelled by a boom in internet adoption. Today, bitcoin’s mass adoption rate is growing at lightning speed and it is projected that by the end of 2025, bitcoin will have some 1 billion users3 . Growing up at the dawn of the internet, Millennials are technologically savvy, independent and are apt at making good judgement calls when it comes to alternative forms of investments. And nowhere else in Asia matches the cryptocurrency hype than in Thailand. Already a hotbed for institutional and Crypto investors, Thailand is paving the way for the adoption of blockchain and crypto-based financial products, including applications in payments and cross-border money transfers

With the goal of creating a well-regulated exchange trading platform that is geared towards offering convenience in the near future, ABCC Exchange hopes to draw Millennials and new Cryptocurrency investors to leverage its upcoming exchange platform’s user-friendly functions for cryptocurrency trading. All in all, ABCC 2.0 looks set to be a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that delivers on its promise of providing convenience with the snap of the fingers to a wide audience, enabling everyone to trade with confidence.

About ABCC

Launched in March 2018, ABCC ( is an established cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore and currently holds the exemption under the PS Act (No 2 of 2019).

With a reputation for being a digital asset exchange that has never been compromised, ABCC looks to harness its expertise in leveraging advanced technologies to provide a seamless trading experience in an environment of the highest security and compliance.

ABCC also looks to contribute to elevating the safety indexes of digital assets trading activities as Singapore develops its cryptocurrency and blockchain industry standards to continue leading as a financial hub in Asia, through knowledge sharing of first-in-class security practices with partners, professional investors.

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