AMOS- Revolutionizing The Fitness Industry

AMOS- Revolutionizing The Fitness Industry

According to recent studies, approximately 700,000 people die every year from lack of exercise, with less than 3 per cent of Americans following a healthy lifestyle. With the inclusion of technology and knowledge-based economy, these figures are predicted to witness a massive transformation.

For instance, employees with rigorous work schedule tend to spend the majority of their office time desk-bounded that often paves the way for several physical ailments, such as problems related to waist and hip muscles. Entering the arena of innovation in fitness, AMOS has developed an ecosystem with a never-before concept of fitness that can motivate people to remain healthy and active along with earning rewards. AMOS with its revolutionary concept of fitness has stepped in today’s health scenario at an apt time. It is a sports ecosystem set on a blockchain platform that introduces exercise mining to incentivize the users in various forms via exercising.

Prominent Components of AMOS

AMOS ecosystem rests on two imperative components including:


  • Smart Wearables


AMOS Smart Sports Watch monitors and calculates important user information associated with fitness status and offers valuable feedback to users. Moreover, it offers users token feedback in order to encourage them to continue exercising.

Features of the Smart Sport Watch

  •       Sports Incentive Reward

       Rewards in exchange for gathered mileage and calorie consumption

       Releasing quests for rewards

  •       Sport Community

       Chat and Network

       Create teams to complement quests

  •       App Health Management

       Monitoring sport condition

       Physical improvement plan

  •       Sports Intelligence Analysis

       Giving feedback with sport data

       AI Algorithm

       Health Info

       Improvement plans


  • Smart Gym


While the blockchain platform of AMOS is essentially digital, through its Smart Gym the platform intends to extend its services offline as well. To facilitate the same, it has tied up with the South Korea based company Strength Master Group to set up Smart Gyms all over the world. Equipment within the smart gyms will be integrated with sensors in order to track the users’ performance in real-time. Therefore, every time a particular piece of equipment is used, vital info and stats will be collected and sent to a central server.

Information is then processed using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Subsequently, the processed data is sent back to users as feedback. The core idea is to help users improve their exercise patterns and become fitter and stronger. The concept of the smart gym also involves making gyming a fun-filled and relaxed activity. Doors will be controlled remotely to prevent unauthorized entry, thereby offering security. The temperature inside the smart gym will also be regulated to make the members comfortable.

Features of Smart Gym

  •       Reservation

       Reserve system for equipment


       Population control

  •       Autonomous Management

       Pay on mobile

       Door lock by the app

  •       Data Gathering

       User verification

       Equipment data

       Transformation data

       Action track

  •       Smart Environment

       Temperature sensors

       Oxygen level sensors

       Customized equipment

  •       Data Analysis

       Analyze collected data

       Offer goals for customers correct training postures

AMOS – Smarter Way To A Healthier Lifestyle

By coupling fitness and blockchain, AMOS has introduced an interesting concept of exercise mining. This sports ecosystem offers economic benefits to its users for contributing their time and efforts by performing physical activities, thereby managing to add a new dimension to the health and fitness industry.

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