Bitcoin Claimant Craig Wright Warns Opponents: The Axe Is In My Hand, And About To Fall Hard

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, took the opportunity to publish a blog post on May 11, the day of the third Bitcoin halving, to warn his opponents in the Bitcoin space and beyond that, the axe is now in his hand – and it’s about to fall hard.

The Axe Swings for Thee

That’s according to Wright’s latest rant titled, How the World Works; or, A Discourse on Fake News, in which he takes swings at Bitcoin, crypto YouTubers, John McAfee, Ira Kleiman, the “fake news” media, and much more.

In one section of the 14,000-word opus, Wright said documents about the ongoing legal battle with Ira Kleiman were forged by a former employer of his, whom he named as Mr. Jamie Wilson.

Wright claimed his team performed handwriting analysis on the supposedly forged signatures. He wrote:

“Unfortunately for him, Ira Kleiman, and a few other people who have worked for me in the past, we have had the signatures and handwriting analysed, and the contracts were not changed or created or signed by me.”

According to Wright, this sudden reversal will result in a swing of the pendulum in his favor or, instead, a swing of the axe in the Kleiman trial, where over one million Bitcoins is potentially at stake.

“For now, I will leave you hanging on whom the result will fall upon. But I will say that the axe is about to fall hard, and right now, the axe is in my hand.”

Bitcoin is for Dumb Criminals – Con Man McAfee

In Wright’s mind, for Bitcoin to work, it has to “scale towards the level of millions of transactions a second.” For that reason, he doesn’t see the current version of BTC succeeding, claiming it is without utility. Wright wrote:

“BTC, on the other hand, is a speculative good. It has no use; it has merely a false narrative that appeals to dumb criminals who do not understand that Bitcoin is easily traced and, as government starts to understand it, easily taxed.”

Just an ordinary day in Belize. Source: Wired

In the sprawling blog post, Dr. Wright also goes after popular crypto personality John McAfee, whom he refers to as a con-man.

“Long-term conmen and criminals such as John McAfee are long-term promoters of pump-and-dump schemes.”

Wright also celebrated the recent Google crackdown on crypto-related videos and expressed his disappointment that Google didn’t act sooner.

In between slinging dirt at anyone and everyone, Wright presents various pieces of evidence which he claims to verify his status as Satoshi Nakamoto. As has always been the case in the search for Satoshi, Wright’s evidence remains typically inconclusive.

Wright regularly proclaims that he has Asperger’s. His massive creeds make interesting reading for obsessive types, and those interested in reading the man behind the text.

But for everyone else, it’s just more of the same.

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