Bitcoin Lies Continue as Craig Wright Testifies Using His iPhone Before It Was Released In 2007

Recently released court documents from the ongoing Ira Kleiman vs. Craig Wright trial reveal the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin may also have invented an early prototype of the iPhone.

In Craig Wright’s legal deposition from March 16, 2020 – released June 2 – the self-titled Satoshi Nakamoto told the opposition counsel he had used an iPhone as early as 2006. The trouble is, the first iPhone wasn’t released until June 2007.

The line of questioning related to email correspondence between Wright, Kleiman, and others in the period since Bitcoin’s creation. The plaintiffs, representing the estate of deceased computer scientist Dave Kleiman, seek 1.1 million Bitcoin from Craig Wright – based on Wright’s own claims that Kleiman helped to create Bitcoin.

Craig Wright’s iPhone Prototype

During Wright’s deposition, opposition counsel Vel Freedman presented Wright with a cache of emails that Wright’s counsel had submitted to the courts. Wright claimed that many of them had been faked, forged, or otherwise fabricated by Ira Kleiman – who represents the estate of his deceased brother.

When shown a selection of those emails, Wright explained that many of them could not have been sent by him due to his preferences in mobile technology. Wright told Freedman:

“Some of these that are tacked together like that include sending from my HTC, I use a Samsung, I have used a Samsung phone since 2011, I have all the receipts for every phone I have bought, they are on the Samsung account.”

Wright’s preference for Samsung tech aside, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, also claimed to have once used an iPhone for a week in 2006. He told the counsel for the plaintiffs:

“I also have one saying that I used an iPhone. I used an iPhone once in my life, I survived it one week, then I played golf. This was 2006. I beat the iPhone to death literally. So, if you ever see emails from HTC they are not mine, from iPhone they are not mine.”

Faketoshi’s Timeline Troubles

Arthur van Pelt of Dragon Industries, who has been watching the case unfold, tweeted in response to Wright’s timeline gaffe:

“Not really a surprise though, Craig Wright has his channels to use things like Microsoft patches, email programs like Bitmessage, etc days, weeks or months before release.”

As referenced by van Pelt, this isn’t the first time Craig Wright has been at odds with official technology release dates. In 2019 a Microsoft Word document presented by Wright was revealed to be fake after sharp-eyed observers noticed it had used a version of the Calibra typeface, which didn’t exist at the time Wright alleged the document was created.

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