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The convolution of encryption is expanding, demanding more computing dynamism and time to mine new coins, but this case does not change the position with the theft of bitcoins. Although counterfeiting Bitcoin is now almost inconceivable, scammers from all over the world are continually discovering new methods to steal them from both crypto exchanges and common users. So, how to achieve complete Bitcoin anonymity? Let’s take a look at it.

Bitcoin Privacy is Crucial

Sadly, Bitcoin transactions are not completely private. Its level of isolation depends solely on the user’s experience and in most circumstances, Bitcoin is handled with a level of privacy close to nothing. This has severe impacts on its fungibility and global recognition. Being fully translucent and traceable, over the years firms have advanced tools to examine the blockchain and watch all bitcoin transfers.

For these purposes, Bitcoin anonymity is an essential requirement for handling crypto transactions from third-party access. If transactions are kept secret, this guarantees Bitcoin is safe. Recognizing this, the programmers built the Bitcoin mixer, which enables users to keep their integrity and the transactions hidden from thieves and other people who may be involved in observing the business exercise and the state of the digital assets. This is where the anonymous Bitcoin mixer like BitMix plays a crucial role in hiding the transactions.

What is Bitcoin mixing service? and How does it work?

The process in which bitcoin or any other public-blockchain transactions operate makes them to be held together in a perpetual public record. They are identifiable along with the blockchain from one address to another. A mixing service can be utilized to combine one’s funds with other’s, to obscure the tracks back to the fund’s real root. Hence, the bitcoin (or other coins) mixing service assists to guard the secrecy of the bitcoin transactions.

One of the most effective Bitcoin mixers is BitMix.Biz. The reason is that it has some excellent characteristics that can enhance Bitcoin’s anonymity securely as much as possible. For example, many hacking groups hack crypto exchanges and obtain data about common users (thanks to KYCAML) and the Bitcoin address, and then with the assistance of analyzers, they can get the main BTC wallet. Identifying the real data and having knowledge about the current balance on the BTC wallet, bad guys can make you give them money. With Bitcoin mixer, you can break this chain.

Following are the steps which one can follow to preserve privacy with the best Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz.

  • On the BitMix.Biz website, define the amount and pick the mixing parameters.
  • Indicate the definitive wallet where you desire to obtain clean coins
  • Transfer crypto coins to the mixer.
  • Receive a clean cryptocurrency by the chosen mixing parameters.

BitMix.Biz is the most reliable Bitcoin Mixer

Normally, Bitcoin mixing platforms support mixing only Bitcoin but BitMix also supports Litecoin and Dash. BitMix also supports Clearnet, Tor, and NoJS applications which give maximum privacy and security. The platform is simple and spontaneous and is accessible in 9 distinct languages, a rare hallmark for this kind of service. To make the mixer accessible to everyone, the least mixable amounts are as flat as 0.005 for BTC and 0.015 for LTC. 

In BitMix, the Bitcoin blender uses pre-mixed and pre-cleared crypto coins, which is why the method of refining the coins starts as soon as the user clicks the “Start Mixing” button and results in one transaction verification. During the cleaning method, the coins are split into small pieces and processed with other users’ crypto, moving through multiple addresses specifically built for this. As for prices, BitMix utilizes a different method that separates it from its rivals, the fees are between 0,4 and 4 percent. Manually or automatically adjusting the rate of the fee for coin mixing, stops the scammers from discovering precisely what amount was transferred to another address.

To further enhance security and anonymity, clients are assigned a different code after each movement which enables them to secure their initial coins on the BitMix website so that they are not worthy to get any of such coins in consequent BitMix transaction ever. This guarantees that users remain untraceable. There are no other domains for BitMix.Biz and it has a bitmixbizymuphkc.onion mirror in the TOR network. For example, after your first exchange users will get a unique code. This code makes sure that users will never get any of the early coins they have mixed to BitMix reserves in any following transactions users perform with Bitmix. In other words, this guarantees that users remain untraceable.

Features of BitMix.Biz

  • No registration is needed. Along with BTC (Bitcoin) and LTC (Litecoin) BitMix.Biz also supports mixing Dash coins. The Dash coin has its own mixing system but it does not give full anonymity.
  • It effectively blocks the chance of transactional analysis.
  • The highest level of complexity and randomization.
  • Huge pools of coins that are totally separate from each other.
  • Shifting manual or computerized commission.
  • Uniformly mixed coins, which gives immediate withdrawal after approval.
  • Transaction impediment, which does not permit the disclosure of the sender and receiver by the time of transferring.
  • Capability to utilize the public API on the website.
  • Easy and natural interface with assistance for 10 languages, it is possible to keep settings.
  • The presence of an affiliate program.
  • Highest performance without the application of additional visual effects.
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