BitWin24: The next generation blockchain lottery now rewards investors with staking rewards

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Blockchain has introduced new concepts that were unthinkable before its introduction, allowing some industries to reach unexplored depths. Next to the financial sector, which has been nominated as the first industry where the technology found its most notable use cases, the gambling, betting and lottery sectors were quick to follow. With its unique ability to create transparency and immutability through decentralization, blockchain offered multiple solutions to their pressing problems by preventing fraudulent behavior.


BitWin24 – a next generation lottery

BitWin24 is the first blockchain lottery that combines master nodes with PoS consensus, staking rewards, an advanced referral system, and an exclusive airdrop program. The project combines the power of innovative technology with smart incentive programs to resolve the pressing issues related to lotteries while it achieves a rapid widespread adoption.

BitWin24 resolves the traditional issues associated with lotteries through using its proprietary developed blockchain and an innovative system of generating winning draws. The winners are based on a randomly chosen hash on the Bitcoin blockchain, an external system that cannot be manipulated by any party. Transactions in the BitWin24 are executed and recorded on the BWI blockchain, making the way the lottery works not subjective to fraud. Using its own blockchain allows the lottery to reach a higher level of efficiency, security and capacity, making sure that the transaction cost and time are minimized.

By offering multiple incentive mechanisms, BitWin24 tries to achieve widespread adoption on a global scale rapidly. With its referral system rewarding BitWin24 ambassadors with a percentage of all jackpots hit by their direct and indirect referrals, the lottery provides a reliable way of generating passive income with an unlimited ceiling. The rising number of participants will increase the prize pools as well, which attracts even more players.

Combining master nodes with PoS and staking

BitWin24 offers the possibility to set up master nodes. Operators earn up to 80% of every validated block and have to only invest 3000 BWI collateral. BitWin24 also offers the full-service management of masternodes on-demand, making it easier for people who do not have the knowledge or time resources to become operators. Masternode owners can withdraw their deposit at any time you want without any drawbacks.

BitWin24 offers traditional ICO and crypto investors an added incentive through staking rewards. Simply explained, staking allows you to get rewarded with BTC or fiat passively just for holding BWI coins in your BitWin24 wallet.

PS: BitWin24 is currently offering access to its exclusive airdrop system that rewards all early investors with lifetime passive income. The lottery is dedicating 10% of all future jackpots as airdrop rewards to everyone who contributes until the end of June this year. You can reserve your spot on until the time expires or the cap is reached.

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