Block Whispers Bitcoin and Altcoin Signals Review

Featured content – Trading cryptocurrencies can often seem like a complete guessing game. Nobody is ever 100% sure what direction the market is going to move in, and when you think you figured out a strategy and seem to be doing well, human psychology kicks in, and you make an emotional trade that causes you to lose half your account.

For this reason, Block Whispers has developed a service that offers crypto signals and education resources about how to trade the crypto markets. Their signals allow traders of all skill levels to take advantage of profit-making calls made by people who had fostered a reputation of being accurate on multiple occasions, including moments when the rest of the market was sure that prices were going in a different direction.

Block Whisperers started as a Telegram channel (@blockchainwhispersbaby) and was one of the very few to predict that the price of Bitcoin would fall by 25% in January 2018.

After their predictions were proved to be right, their reputation grew, and so they decided to launch the Block Whispers platform.

The platform’s founder is a crypto trader who goes by the name ‘” D Man.” He’s made a name for himself by accurately calling big Bitcoin price moves before they occurred. He’s also known for writing the popular bestselling book “Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 – How To Profit With Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Coins And Altcoins This Year”.  The book provided some insight into how to successfully trade the 2018 market. It also made some robust predictions on the THETA and Pondi X tokens, which each gained 300% and 2,000% respectively.

Other team members include a top tier analyst named Mr. Y. Together, the team has made some very accurate predictions and have also been ahead of important news stories, like the listing of ZRX on Coinbase and the listing of ZIL and ONT on Binance. Both coins gained 3x and 8x respectively after their announcements.

D.A.R.T Crypto Signals World Championship

Block Whispers is announcing on an exciting new competition to the crypto space called D.A.R.T. Crypto Signals.

D.A.R.T is a trading contest for the most accurate crypto signals worldwide. The winning trader will receive a reward of 1 BTC for 10 minutes it takes to post 20 signals in their system. The competition is split into two rounds; the applicant and the contestant. The contest is free to apply for with a verified Blockchain Whispers account.

The three main rules are as follows:

  • The signals must be tradeable for members who follow At least 60 seconds for entries allowed.
  • The official chart is XBTUSD Bitmex Inverse Swap Contract for BTC and appropriate Bitmex charts for Bitmex Altcoins.
  • The first ten trades are qualification trades.

Round 1 is the qualification round, which runs from now until February 28th.  The main competition starts on March 1st. And closes when the first 20 qualified traders’ complete 20 trades (qualifying level: minimum 8/10 successful trades. 10 trades total).

According to D Man, the mission of the D.A.R.T crypto signals contest is to showcase the talent of traders within the crypto space. With the amount of information he’s shared via his platform and his book, the hope is that new traders will emerge who have taken those lessons and upped their trading game to a level that surpasses his and his internal trading teams.

It’s always hard to determine the authenticity of any service that offers crypto signals, and even when you look at comments from current users, you still get a sense that the story is too good to be true. Of course, when it comes to trading, nothing is guaranteed, and I’m sure Block Whispers has occasionally been wrong. However, it’s not often that you see traders dedicating entire Medium articles to praising the results of a crypto signal service, which means there may be something unique about what they have to offer.

As always, when it comes to trading crypto signals, the best thing you can do is trust your instincts and don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. With those rules in mind, there’s no reason not to try Block Whispers at least once.

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