Blockchain Events Worth Visiting in Winter 2018/2019

In 2018, Autumn was rich for the events that educated people about blockchain and showed the potential of the technology to disrupt the financial sphere. No matter if you’ve already visited some of those events or just got interested in the blockchain conferences, you have a chance to join them this winter. Here we offer you a list of events to visit.

  • NFT Conference

When: February 20, 2019

Where: New York, USA


Non-fungible tokens continue making their way into the mainstream and winning new supporters. The NFT.NYC Conference will help you explore these unique assets, learn how to use them in business, and benefit from the whole new economy.

The conference will gather social and financial leaders, influencers, developers to talk about collectible tokens, and how they transform various industries. The event will be held in the form of debates, discussion panels, workshops, and networking sessions. You will have a great chance to reach out to the representatives of the leading brands in blockchain, expand your affiliate network, and share insights with the industry experts.

Interested in emerging technologies? Feel free to contact the organizers and get tickets here 

  • TABConf

When: February 8-10, 2019

Where: Atlanta, USA


Do you believe in decentralized technology? So does TABConf. The conference speakers look beyond media hype and delve into the real-world blockchain applications across major industries: legislation, e-commerce, real estate, culture, and many more.

New insights, valuable content, interactive discussions – TABConf involves it all. The most passionate innovators from Bitpay, Edge, Consensys, and other blockchain-related companies are gathering to build the decentralized future together. Isn’t it an exciting way to connect with the bright minds of the industry and become a part of the community? Sure, it is.

For more information and key takeaways, visit the official website   


London Blockchain Week

Where: London, UK

When: February 8-14, 2019


If you have been involved in banking, investing or trading over the last ten years, then you might have heard of Bitcoin and Blockchain, the stunning technology behind cryptocurrencies. You have an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and get an insight into new trends in the sphere.

London Blockchain Week is back! This year the team is planning to introduce more educational content to the public. There’s something for people of various domains. Around 3000 attendees are expected to visit the event during the week. In addition to the major conference, you’ll enjoy evening presentations, workshops with crypto patrons and venturers, and, of course, the Blockchain Hackathon.

If you are one of the early birds, you can obtain the discounted tickets, but they are limited. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information and follow the link

  • 2d Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week

When: January 23-24, 2019 

Where: Seoul, South Korea


Korea is known for its openness to innovation. Once blockchain and cryptocurrency have entered the tech space, Korea has become one of the pioneer countries to implement blockchain across industries. CHAIN PLUS+ is the event that will focus on all things blockchain, and gather the world’s famous experts who will discuss the latest developments in FinTech.

Among the topics that will be covered are global blockchain regulation, industry-specific blockchain applications, the prospects of ICO, the evolution of cryptocurrency exchanges, and many more. If you want to learn more about decentralized economies and the future of cryptocurrency, you should certainly visit this event. Book the tickets now at

  • The North American Bitcoin Conference

When: January 16-18, 2019

Where: Miami Beach, FL


Are you ready to set off to Miami to access a wealth of knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain? The North American Bitcoin Conference welcomes you. The event is scheduled for two days, full of insightful speeches and networking opportunities.

The representatives of notable companies like ShapeShift, Bloq, Bitmain will gather to cover the latest developments of blockchain, upcoming ICOs, cryptocurrency investment strategies, legal boundaries, and so much more. In addition to non-stop presentations and networking sessions, the event is going to introduce an exhibition area where you can meet the creators of many groundbreaking cryptocurrency projects.

The conference is certainly not to be missed if you want to enter the industry that generates a great deal of buzz across the globe. The tickets can be booked here

  • Edge AI Summit

When: December 11, 2018

Where: San Francisco, US


We are living in the world that consists of data… much data. Up until recently, most digital data has been processed by centralized networks and servers managed by a handful of giant enterprises. Can this approach be considered secure? Not really. This is why the community has been looking for other ways to collect, distribute, and handle information. Edge computing is something that might change and innovate the space.

The Edge AI Summit will provide you with a great deal of useful information about the services and applications that can optimize data computing. It will be joined by thought leaders and key experts of the industry, who will examine the use cases of implementing the edge technology along with AI and IoT.

The conference will be especially useful to top executives and senior-level specialists, who can not only reconsider their business strategies but also benefit from unique networking opportunities. Check the available tickets here

  • International Blockchain CIBTC Congress

When: December 14-15, 2018

Where: A Coruña, Spain


The world of technology is progressing so rapidly that it becomes hard to keep up with the emerging solutions. Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, AI and VR – all these innovations are destined to change the world in one way or another. The Blockchain International Congress will provide insights into how industries catch up on the latest trends and implement them across various sectors.

The event will focus on two areas – workshops and collaboration. Experts in the fields of business innovation, cybersecurity, finance, blockchain development will gather to give professional advice and share their knowledge. Representatives of the recognized brands will be there to participate in networking sessions and form new partnerships.

If you have a real passion for innovation, you should not miss the CIBTC congress. Lose no time and check out the official website for available tickets

  • Block Hedge Business 4th Edition

When: December 7, 2018

Where: Zurich, Switzerland


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the hot topics of the modern fintech world, and more events are held to promote awareness of this innovation. Block Hedge, the blockchain event taking place in Zurich, is all about this unique technological advancement.

As the conference puts a special focus on the practical use of technology, you will have a clear understanding of how to adopt blockchain in real life. Also, it offers a good chance for you to grasp the essentials of the decentralized economy and explore the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

You will also benefit from the networking opportunities by interacting with leading specialists and being engaged in face-to-face talks.

Don’t miss the chance – book tickets here

  • CryptoCurrency World Expo – London Summit

When: December 6-7, 2018

Where: London, UK


Have you ever thought of meeting the key players like exchangers, brokers, traders, miners, regulators, all in one place? If yes, then the Cryptocurrency World Expo is not to be missed.
Probably, any new person, when entering the cryptocurrency market, has wondered how to make profit and not to lose money; or how to find and construct new use cases to advance implementation of smart contracts and decentralized services on the blockchain. If you find any of these familiar, visit the event and get all the answers.
Many industry leaders and experts will visit this event to share new ideas and talk about the evolving trends in the cryptocurrency space. The representatives of established companies are ready to reveal their knowledge and advice on further blockchain development and cryptocurrency regulations.
So, don’t miss your chance to seize an exciting opportunity and buy tickets here,


When: December 12, 2018

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel


2018 is marketed as the year of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations. The industry thirsts for new ideas and developments, as well as more real-life adoption of the technology. And this is where the NEXT BLOCK event comes in useful! It will be held to cover all possible developments in the sphere, educate the public, and offer amazing networking opportunities by bringing together the most influential and prominent people of the blockchain space. A series of keynotes, panel discussions, and ICO pitches is waiting for you to participate in.
Moreover, you have a great chance to visit the After-Party, where you not only enjoy the atmosphere but also build new contacts.
Got interested? So, leave no room for doubt and register for the event

  • Hard Fork Decentralized London

When: December 12-14, 2018

Where: London, UK


Blockchain is being applied by numerous companies and startups today. It aims to expand the boundaries set by centralized authorities, as well as alter the way people live and do business. Hard Fork Decentralized will gather the most creative minds of the industry and the most passionate blockchain enthusiasts like Charlie Shrem, Yoni Assia, Nick Johnson, Joon Ian Wong, and many more.
This event is to become an interactive hub, where a number of useful meetups, workshops, and discussions will be held. Focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, Hard Fork Decentralized promises to engage representatives of the key blockchain, crypto, and finance corporations. If you want to enter the realm of decentralized economies, don’t miss this event,

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