Boss Crypto Trading Academy Review: For Beginners and Advanced

During 2017’s extreme bull run, the number of crypto traders and investors increased exponentially. Alongside their increase, different trading groups and courses appeared, offering advice to users who wanted to maximize their profits. However, many of these groups were proven wrong when the market crashed in 2018.

We found one service though, that claims it had “one of the only portfolios in 2018 that has beaten the bear market,” netting over 2,341% returns during the crypto winter. This service is Boss Crypto, a club for traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space.

According to its website, Boss Crypto provides resources for traders and investors so they can learn, grow, and drastically improve their returns. Let’s see these resources briefly, followed by our review of each one.

Firstly, Boss Crypto offers an all-in-one crypto trading course, consisting of five modules (four standard modules and one bonus).

The service has a private Slack group where members can share advice with each other, learn from the operators of the platform who regularly publish their market analysis, and request help regarding coin trading and investing.

Boss Crypto has also made its own crypto portfolio public for its members, giving them insights on their investments and trades.

The Boss Crypto Trading Course

As we’ve mentioned before, the course includes four standard and one bonus modules.

The first module, Cryptocurrency Essentials & Foundations takes members through the basics, including explaining what Bitcoin and blockchain technology are, converting fiat to BTC, showing different cryptocurrency wallets and exchange services, and basic lessons in cryptocurrency trading and fundamental analysis.

The second module is all about planning and teaches how to conquer emotions when trading, having the right mindset for success, setting goals, getting (trading) lives organized as well as working out a trading plan. We’ve found this module quite helpful as aspiring traders tend to forget about having a working plan, and a strategy on fighting emotions when trading any asset.

The technical analysis module guides members through the essentials of trading and charting. We’ve found this module, along with The Boss Crypto Trading Strategy, the most comprehensive in the course, containing 19 and 25 lessons respectively. The latter module includes tutorials on advanced trading indicators and strategies that members can utilize after they have learned the basics and essentials of crypto trading.

The bonus module, Essentials & Foundations is a collection of 59 extension lessons that were either taught live or delivered more informally than those in the standard modules. The operators of the service suggest that members should take the bonus lessons after they have completed all the standard modules and want to extend their knowledge.

Overall, we think that the trading course is very comprehensive, taking members through the very basics of cryptocurrencies to advanced trading techniques and strategies. Therefore, it is suited for both newbie and experienced traders. The lessons are informative, professional, and with a great flow.

The private Slack group

After accepting the invitation and joining Boss Crypto’s private Slack channel, we were taken to the #get-started channel where the operators of the service have published extensive information on getting the best out of their Slack crypto group.

There are 22 channels in the Boss Crypto Slack group. However, members are only using three of them to publish most of the content and take part in discussions. We’ve found that these three channels in the Slack group are very active with the operators posting regular market updates, analysis, and trading positions, as well as portfolio updates, and giving advice and insights to the members of the group.

Overall, the Slack channel is relatively active compared to other (free) trading groups we have seen in the crypto space. Members can participate in the discussions and have an insight into the operators’ market analysis, and they can ask for help via the #help channel.

The portfolio

By clicking on the “Boss Open Positions” tab in the user dashboard, the website took us to the official portfolio of the service. It is constantly updated via the Delta app, and the percentage of coins the operators are holding is shown, as well as their performance. As mentioned before, they are posting regular updates of the portfolio in the Slack group.

The price

Boss Crypto offers a 30-day free trial to all new members until the maximum limit is reached. Following the free trial, an annual subscription costs $650 per user. Although, some other reviews of the service stated that users could also sign up for a monthly subscription of $99/month.


Boss Crypto offers a comprehensive course that will serve both newbie and advanced traders with useful information on cryptocurrency trading. The private Slack group of the service is active with members and platform operators participating in discussions and sharing their market insights. Members can see how Boss Crypto’s portfolio is doing, and they can potentially copy it. Please note that Boss Crypto members only receive information on the cryptocurrency market and coin trading, and there is no option to invest in digital assets through the service.

All this comes at a relatively high price (especially in a bear market) which is not displayed transparently on the service’s website – until you decide to sign up for the free 7-day trial. While Boss Crypto has many testimonials on its site, we couldn’t verify the authenticity of the reviews, so we were unable to confirm whether the service can be trusted.


  • A comprehensive guide on cryptocurrency trading
  • The private Slack group is surprisingly active, and members can participate in discussions, seek help, and get market insights from the operators of the service
  • Boss Crypto’s portfolio is public, so members can see its performance and they can also copy it
  • 30-day free trial


  • Boss Crypto is not transparent about its pricing – it is not displayed anywhere on its website, only after a user creates an account and signs up for a free trial (now we know that it’s $99 a month or $650 annual).
  • You have to provide payment details to register for the free trial
  • We found the price of the service to be expensive, especially in bear market conditions and for beginners.

* Disclaimer: The above review is based on the author’s opinion only, and it’s not an investment advice. cryptocurrencies are considered high-risk assets. Do your own research!



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