Buying Crypto With FIAT? Here Are 4 Convenient Methods To Do So

After the recent major drop, the crypto asset’s prices seem to be recovering well. Currently, most assets are in green and further recovery is anticipated. With all the great happenings in the crypto world and asset prices well below the reasonably justifiable level, its a great time to buy. With Bitcoin halvening drawing closer, Ethereum 2.0 expected in June this year, DeFi rising, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the rise, Kyber and Synthetix slated for major upgrades in Q2 2020 etc., the timing couldn’t be more right for investing. Here are the 4 convenient ways, you can purchase crypto with FIAT, using debit or credit cards.

Crypto With FIAT : Changelly

Changelly is an established and respected instant conversion platform in the crypto-arena. Its interface is intuitive and allows for easy operation. A user just needs to enter the desired amount in FIAT to see how much they would receive in crypto, at the end of the conversion. The platform accepts all major cards and charges a 5% percent fee (minimum of $10) on FIAT conversion to crypto. The service is powered by payment processor Simplex.

Crypto With FIAT : ChangeNOW

A relatively new entrant, ChangeNOW is fast cementing its position as yet another powerful instant crypto conversion platform. Besides, exchanging your tokens, ChangeNOW offers listing services, provision for accepting cryptocurrencies in your business, lightning network node, exchange through Telegram bot and node access to various major crypto-assets. Again, the FIAT conversion to crypto is powered by Simplex.

Crypto With FIAT : Rain

Limited to Middle Eastern GCC countries, Rain can provide FIAT to crypto conversion services as well as handle cashing out crypto to your local bank. It relies on extensive Know your Customer (KYC) procedure to comply with the regulations in the region. Rain is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The FIAT to crypto conversion is instant and 4% fees is charged. Currently, the service is available in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. The platform has a powerful yet simple UI, which allows for convenient crypto buying/selling process.

Crypto With FIAT : KyberSwap

Kyber network is an automated liquidity provider and important DeFi pillar, its crypto conversion platform KyberSwap was recently integrated with Torus, which brought FIAT to crypto conversion services. The facility is provided by Moonpay and Wyre. KyberSwap allows easy one click onboarding of new users and is particularly suited for people with basic crypto knowledge. You can use your social media accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit and Discord) for creation of wallets and management of crypto-assets. The FIAT to crypto conversion process is also convenient, but KYC might be required.

Crypto With FIAT
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