, is making new definition through creating a P2P crypto exchange by experienced traders for the world’s unbanked people

8th of March, 2021 – Ever since the first bitcoin trades, the so called Peer to Peer (P2P) market has been important to the liquidity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Acquiring bitcoin in centralized exchanges is a straightforward experience for most people in developed countries and privileged people in emerging markets.

Peer-­to­-Peer platforms are more flexible for the less privileged, on the other hand, this process is not so simple.

There are so many popular problems on current P2P crypto exchanges and all these problems are neglected by those big exchanges,and they dont care about clients’ trading experience.

Here is a typical painful scenario from Daniel Yan who is a senior trader on some popular P2P crypto exchanges:

A vendor will have to wait much time once a bad user holds coin(coin lockers).The vendor will have to bear mental stress and possible loss once the BTC price drops sharply during the lockup time. But the coin locker such behavior even if the vendor has big losses.

Coinchum provides a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency escrow service, an easy and secure platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency from all around the world without completely relying on bank transfers alone. Instead, they typically support a broad range of payment methods, including the transfer of gift cards, local mobile monies, and physical cash. By providing an escrowed service, they resolve the trust issue by ensuring that all parties involved receiving their benefits.

The p2p cryptocurrency exchange needs to arm with tight security to prevent hacking or cyber-attacks. Coinchum provides top-notch services backed by system architecture and user account security achieved by a partnership with BitGo Platform, where an all-in-one wallet is offered and made available once signed up.It will also provides an advanced anti-fraud system and feedback management system.All trade disputes will be reponded within 24hrs with sophiscated solutions.

The platfrom will provide flexible fee structure with a trading fee of 0.5% of the total trading value, paid by the offer’s creator.

As an easy to use Peer to Peer marketplace which offers more than two cryptocurrencies at once, including Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum.,Coinchum objective is to simplify the purchase of cryptocurrencies by connecting sellers with buyers, and offering endless methods of payment.It is aiming to become the first Multi-cryptocurrency P2P platform including all mostly traded cryptocurrencies.

Are you tired of high trading fees and lack of security during the transaction? Do you need a trustworthy and reliable P2P crypto platform providing great services, ease of trade, and a clean interface, Coinchum will truly learn to users voice and build a better platform.

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