Comparing Dash to the King (Bitcoin)

Comparing Dash to the King (Bitcoin)

The feat attained by Bitcoin has made it the king of all cryptocurrencies and a benchmark of all digital assets. Bitcoin has become the yardstick to which all other cryptocurrencies are compared. In a bid to compare Dash to Bitcoin, this article seeks to bring to light some of the known features between the two.

Even though Bitcoin has a lot of advantages over Dash regarding adoption rate and institutional trust, Dash has improved features that make it convenient to use. Despite its popularity among the digital assets, Bitcoin takes an average of 10 minutes to confirm transactions and makes them irreversible after six confirmations.

Bitcoin also uses a pseudonymous structure which makes it possible for transactions to be traced to the sender. However, Dash makes use of InstantX masternode which speeds up the rate of transaction confirmation. Dash also uses PrivateSend to guarantee users full security and privacy.

The motive behind the creation of Bitcoin has become a model for all other introduced digital assets. Dash has a similar feature of transaction verification, blockchain technology, decentralization, and anonymity. It stands as one of the fastest growing networks in the cryptocurrency industry and playing an essential role as an instant medium of exchange.

The power of Bitcoin largely lies in its ability to respond to change which affects its price positively, and the vice versa is true. Bitcoin has an available supply of 17 million. This feature has made some few selected assets to burn most of their assets to record a smaller available supply to stand a chance of rising faster. Dash on the other end has a better available supply against bitcoin with about 8 million coins. This makes it respond to change twice the rate of Bitcoin.

Another talking point that calls for comparison is the maximum supply available to the market. According to economics, every asset must have a finite supply to protect its value. In the economics point of view, the price of an asset rises when demand exceeds supply, and this is important to investors who expect to see something better in the future. Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million.

Dash on the other hand also has a maximum supply of 18 million. On the grounds of current market capitalization, Bitcoin has an estimate of $65 billion while Dash has an estimate of $635 million. This aspect explains why Bitcoin has a higher price compared to Dash despite both coins having less available supply and maximum supply.

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