Confused About Which Wallet to Use for Storing Litecoin?

Confused About Which Wallet to Use for Storing Litecoin?

Litecoin, like the broader crypto-currency market, can be difficult to make sense out of. Choosing a Litecoin wallet can send even an experienced user into a tailspin.  The truth it is actually more straight forward than you think.  

Take for example Jubiter LTC wallet, it comes with a host of unique and updated features to make it both easy to use and secure.

Jubiter LTC Wallet Features

The Jubiter LTC wallet offers a massive host of features compared to other crypto wallets. Sure, some aren’t unique to Jubiter themselves, but they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.


Every crypto wallet offers built-in security, but very few offer the level of protection that Jubiter offers. For example, Jubiter has an end to end encryption with regular internal auditing to ensure both your data and your coins are safe.   

It goes far beyond encryption though access to your account is also secured.  Your account is protected by two-factor authentications using the google authenticator tool.  Even Jubiter staff cannot access your account. Perhaps most importantly they offer hot and cold storage with 80% of clients funds be held in cold storage.  The result, you’ve got one of the safest, if not the safest, crypto wallet on the market.

Ease Of Use

Many crypto wallets can be almost as confusing to use as cryptocurrency is in general. However, the opposite is true here. Jubiter was built from the ground up not just to be as secure as possible, but to be as easy to use as possible on top of that.

Because of that mindset from the beginning, it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces possible, without sacrificing anything else.  It’s compatible with many of the more common cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Coupled with its ease of use, it’s extremely easy to switch between different currencies and make trades at the click of the button.

Customer Service

Everyone’s has a customer service horror story, when you couldn’t get in touch when something went wrong, or times where you were kept waiting for hours. However, with Jubiter’s dedicated customer service team that’s available online and across their entire social media network, it’s almost impossible not to get in contact with them.

Jubiter has a customer service team that works from 8am to midnight Monday to Saturday, so you’ll be able to get in contact with them anytime you need it.

This is perfect, since with financial matters you can’t exactly wait too long, so having someone on the other end when you need them is one of the most relaxing things you can have.

Affiliate Program

Almost everyone has thought about joining an affiliate program at some point or another. However, they can be extremely confusing, with a load of difficult to understand terms and conditions. The same can be said for most crypto wallets that offer any affiliate programs.

But, as you’re probably already assuming, this isn’t the case with Jubiter; it’s one of the few Litecoin wallets that offer a fully transparent affiliate program. With simple tracking systems and more, coupled with how easy to use Jubiter is in general, it’s one of the most efficient and transparent affiliates programs in the crypto world.

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