Constellation Announces Migration To Mainnet, Token Swap On Kucoin

Constellation team announced the launch of their Hypergraph mainnet on April 29 and migration of network’s native Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) tokens from Ethereum to the new Constellation mainnet. The tokens can be automatically swapped by transferring them to Kucoin exchange or manually through smart contract, at a rate of 1:1.

Constellation will swap to Mainnet with our exchange partner @kucoincom on

🔹Wed 29 April 2020 6am UTC
Estimated Ethereum block height: 9966936

We advise to send your $DAG to Kucoin or execute the manual swap contract if you have not done it yet.— Constellation(DAG) (@Conste11ation) April 23, 2020

Immediately after the mainnet launch, the nodes will start earning mainnet DAG tokens. All ERC-20 DAG tokens will be frozen after mainnet launch and becomes obsolete. All users are advised to swap tokens or else risk losing their positions in the new mainnet.

State Of Exchanges Supporting The Constellation Mainnet

The team has contacted all relevant exchanges to facilitate a smooth transaction and trading. Kucoin will implement the DAG token, available after mainnet launch natively. IDEX will delist the ERC-20 DAG since it only supports Ethereum based tokens. HitBTC will provide the support for the mainnet a little later and not immediately. Hotbit and Bilaxy may not support the mainnet token.

About Constellation

Constellation is a decentralized blockchain project, relying on Directed Acrylic Graph protocol with Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO) consensus mechanism. It aims to provide tools to implement security and auditability for complex data-sets. Its secure, cost-effective, scalable and easy to integrate. The native token is DAG.

Constellation DAG
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