Craig Wright Gets Caught Lying About Being Satoshi Nakamoto (Not The First Time)


  • Craig Wright caught releasing fake evidence in an attempt to prove he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Wright claimed a research paper he published in 2001 as evidence. The document seemed to be plagiarized from Satoshi’s original Bitcoin white paper.
  • Wright’s motivation was likely to pump the price of BCH-SV.

Craig Wright, the founder of NChain and the leader of the Bitcoin Cash SV (a fork of Bitcoin Cash) movement, has long been a controversial figure in the crypto space. This controversy all started with his claim that he was, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin.

After years of making this claim, new evidence seems to suggest what many already knew – Craig Wright has been lying and he is not the real Satoshi.

Wright copies Satoshi’s original white paper

To prove his bold claim to be Satoshi, Wright released an abstract of a research paper called “Black Net” that he supposedly wrote for the Australian Government back in 2001.

This abstract is identical to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper published in October 2008.

There was however a previous draft of Satoshi’s white paper published in August 2008. When if compared to the official white paper, there are certain corrections made that were also visible on Wright’s research paper. The evidence is shown below:

Source: Reddit

So if Craig Wright claims to have written the paper in 2001, why does it contain the same corrections as the ones made between the August and the October versions of Satoshi’s white paper?

Was Wright trying to pump BCH SV?

This seems to prove that Craig Wright published fake evidence in an attempt to establish his legitimacy as the real Satoshi. The reasons for wanting to claim to be Satoshi are obvious -fame and respect from all members of the crypto space and technology industry at large. However, Wright only released this new “evidence” on February 10th. If he was Satoshi and his evidence was credible, why would he waited that long to release it?

The most likely reason was to pump the price of BCH-SV, which he now owns a substantial amount of and is on a mission to prove that BCH-SV will not only be more dominant than BCH-ABC, but also more dominant than Bitcoin.

Fortunately, most people within the crypto space are familiar enough with the major players to know about who really is Craig Wright.

Despite that he is intelligent and very well versed in the roots of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, is by no means its founder, but merely another early adopter trying to claim credit for what ultimately doesn’t need claiming credit for, as that would defeat its purpose as a decentralized solution to many of the world’s problems.

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