CreditDefi is one of the companies operating in the field of credit and technology applying new technologies. It will take technology platforms to new heights on the world map with multi-billion dollar applications. The whole CreditDefi team will try their best to make everything better.

As a late-born company in the blockchain fields, Credit-DeFi believes in inheriting the best technologies, from which to develop applications to new heights. Bringing blockchain application to a whole new era – where users will have a perfect experience, convinient and absolutely safe. 

The 4.0 revolution will certainly affect a strong transformation of the banking sector, emerging fintech companies to provide more convenient and secure services, leading to fierce competition to find out the best times.


The legal finance monopoly gradually ended, when the market economy opens, the need for people to trade more, the world is forced to exist two parallel development institutions. It is also a healthy competition always to make progress. Credit-DeFi is confident to create the world’s leading trading platform.


 Cryptocurrencies have proven their value after 12 years of formation and development. In the asset accumulation portfolio with the name of digital gold, the rise of cryptocurrency is just a transition.


Credit-DeFi prouds to be the leading company in the England financial industry and especially in the field of cryptocurrency exchanges, forex, …Besides, Credit-DeFi develops platforms with many outstanding features such as margin, futures,…


Moreover, Credit-DeFi company is led by Peter Randall and Philippe Morel. Peter Randall, CEO and Founder. Peter has led the company’s growth as founder and chief executive officer, from an unknown multilateral exchange to one of the top 5 trading locations in Europe by volume deal. Philippe Morel , Director and Founder .Philippe is a worldwide leader in Capital Markets, as well as an EMEA Leader for Private Investments and Principal Investor Practices at a top-level strategy consulting firm. Philippe has over 25 years of experience in financial services across European markets.



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