sets new monthly highs in trading volume and revenue

Cryptocurrency trading platform set new records last month as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rallied revealed that it set new records last month as the general cryptocurrency market rallied. In a blog post published on 1 February, the crypto trading platform said it achieved new all-time highs (ATH) in terms of monthly user registrations, transactions, trade volumes and revenue. It also experienced a surge in social media followers as more people are becoming interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

According to the cryptocurrency exchange, the high trading volumes, transactions and revenue came as BTC set record highs. BTC raced to a new ATH of $41,962 while other altcoins had also followed suit.

The records trickled into’s social media, with the company’s Telegram group now housing over 100,000 members and its Twitter handle has over 300,000 followers. The increased attention resulted in the app becoming the second most downloaded cryptocurrency app globally in 2020. recorded over 5.5 million downloads globally last year, only behind Coinbase, which had 7.9 million downloads.

Asides from the record numbers for its cryptocurrency exchange, the company made some high-profile partnerships that would help to expand its market in the crypto space. The company partnered with, an online flight, car rental and property listing platform. users are set to enjoy nearly 5% off on’s 28 million accommodation listings.

The Visa Card was also recognised as one of the leading partner platforms by Visa. The payments giant is looking to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency space, and is one of the leading partners it has in the industry. offers new services

The versatile cryptocurrency company is also venturing into new areas such as Crypto-Lending. With this feature, users can deposit cryptocurrencies as collateral and receive an instant loan. The loans have flexible terms and offer low-interest rates.

As per the site, new members will now enjoy 0% credit/debit card fees on all crypto purchases conducted within the first 30 days of joining the platform. The discount could help attract new members to the platform.’s report also contained a wide range of other announcements, such as the addition of new cryptocurrencies on the platform, new deposit and withdrawal tokens, new USDC trading pairs, changes in the default homepage and more.

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