Crypto Market: Upfiring Rises 1370%, Audius, EVM-LLVM etc.

Upfiring (UFR) Rises By 1370% Over the Week

This week’s top gainer was Upfiring (UFR), which increased its price value by a massive 1370%, over the last seven days. For the most part of the last week, the asset traded in a range of $ 0.02 – $ 0.04 but rose to $ 0.31 today. Introduced as an alternative to traditional file sharing P2P protocols, Upfiring (UFR) was founded in 2017, offering tokenized incentivized file sharing economy. An analysis reveals no change in fundamentals, but rather higher trading interest from the traders and investors. It should be noted that Upfiring has a supply of 24M units and its last all time high was reported as $ 2.86 (Jan 09, 2018). Owing to the small number of total units, even a small rise in investment or trading activity, has the potential to cause major difference in price, in both directions.

DeFi Stabilizes At 989.6M, Maker Dominance Rises To 61.22%

This week saw DeFi hitting the 1B mark, for the first time in history, but it slid back to 989.6M later. Since Feb 3, DeFi has gained steady value from 900M to hitting 1B, before going downwards slightly and resting at current 989M mark. This is being propelled forward by the increase in Ethereum prices and new developments in the field. The Maker dominance is at 61.22% currently with Total Value Locked (TVL) figure at 607M.

Binance Introduces Ontology (ONT) And Binance Coin (BNB) Perpetual Contract

Binance introduced two new perpetual contracts today for both Binance Coin (BNB) and Ontology (ONT) with up-to 50x leverage. Both crypto-assets are showing marked improvement in price, following the announcement.

Changelly Partners Up with Curioinvest

Changelly announced partnership with Curioinvest today – a project which facilitates investing in top-vetted fine automobiles by tokenizing the process and issuing car tokens, which are pegged to the vehicle.

Changelly has partnered up with @curio_invest, a platform that makes investing in fine automobiles easy and simple! It tokenizes the process by issuing Car tokens which are linked directly to the target vehicle so that you can grow and track your portfolio with no hassle!💥$cur— (@Changelly_team) February 10, 2020

Ethereum based “Audious Music” App Launches on App Store

Decentralized music sharing application Audius Music launched on App Store on Feb 9, marking the first official Ethereum app to be supported by Apple.

The music biz has definitely changed since the days of 45s, 8-tracks, and CDs.

If you’re a musician, get a load of this amazing new tool to share your craft. If you’re a music lover, take on a fresh new way to discover artists 💽🎶

Get Audius Music:— App Store (@AppStore) February 9, 2020

EVM-LLVM Alpha Release For Ethereum Blockchain

EVM – LLVM Alpha was released on Feb 10, bringing LLVM infrastructure to the EthereumStack, enabling developers to use other programming languages (besides the native Solidity) to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This will enable development of more interesting and useful DApps, because developers will be able to utilize other programming languages, which they are better familiar with.

Announcing EVM-LLVM backend project’s Alpha release!
– more programming languages for smart contracts
– more toolchain support
– future-proof and long-term support#EthereumClassic #Ethereum #Blockchain #EthereumStack #Cryptocurrency— ETC Core (@etc_core) February 10, 2020

Binance Chief: This Time The Bull Run Will Be Different

Changpeng Zhao tweeted on Feb 11 that the key difference in the bull run of 2017 and the next one would be greater clarity on regulation, adoption and multiple countries working to embrace blockchain tech.

A key difference between 2017 bull run and the next one is: there wasn’t much government adoption/clarity of blockchain back then, but now, we got US, China, Japan, Singapore, Malta, Bermuda (and much more) all moving forward…— CZ Binance 🔶🔶🔶 (@cz_binance) February 9, 2020

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