Crypto Price Analysis & Overview April 24: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Sia and Chainlink


Bitcoin breached all resistance levels, including that identified at the $5,500 level. The 50MA crossed the 200MA which is a technical indicator that traders tend to take into account, this is known as a Golden Cross. The support is currently found at $5,300, while resistance lies at $5,630. If the latter is breached, there is a strong resistance in the $6,000 – $6,250 area where the floor was estimated back in November 2018 prior to the sharp downtrend.



Against the USD, ETH meets resistance at $186 and if breaks it, the next one is at $200. Support lies at around $165. The MA50 crossed the 200MA and the RSI is low.


Against Bitcoin, the support is at around 0.03BTC and it continues to be tested. Resistance is at 0.033BTC. Here again, the RSI is low and the 200MA has become a resistance line.



Against the USD, the support lies at around $0.31, while the resistance is at $0.33. Unlike other altcoins which increased a lot in 2019, XRP maintains relative stability in the rage of around $0.30.


Against BTC, the price continues to decrease to 5700SAT. The support in this range is at 5800SAT. IF it fails, we will move to test the levels at around 5000SAT. Resistance in this range is at 6100SAT.



Against the dollar, the support sits at around $0.003 and holds above the 50MA. The resistance is at $0.0035. 2019 started with a relative stabilization after a strong correction as in the majority of altcoins. It seems that a change in the trend has already started since last April.


Against BTC, 2019 isn’t as positive for the SIA token which tests the floor with support which holds at around 53SAT. The resistance in this range is at around 60SAT. Additionally, the RSI is very low and the trading volume has also dropped significantly.



Against the dollar, the support is found at around $0.47 which is the area where most of the trading volume is concentrated. Resistance in this range is found at around $0.54.


Against BTC, the support is tested at around 0.000085BTC. If it doesn’t hold, the next support is at 0.000075BTC. Resistance is found at 0.00009BTC.


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