Crypto Price Analysis & Overview: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos, Tron


The RSI is down while the price is rising which is a further indication for the rally in 2019. The support received approve around $10,000 and the price continued to climb again with slight resistance and support which is based around $11,000. In this range, the move to break the resistance at $13,000 is on the way. The next resistance is at $15,000. From there, the sky is the limit. However, it has to be accounted that a correction can hurt but for now, just enjoy the gains.



Against the USD, the support range of $275 holds. As we noted in previous updates, this is the point from which a reversal of the trend can come if the support holds. Resistance is at $325 in this range and if broken, the next resistance erupts at $400.


Against Bitcoin, the price is supported around 0.024BTC which is also the floor. If we break back to the low of early 2017, support in this range is critical. Resistance is at 0.027BTC.



Against the dollar, XRP is shuffling around $0.37. Support in this range is at $0.36. Resistance is at $0.43. The rise from the resistance zones at $0.35 led to volatility and instability but it’s technically important to hold above that range. Support for the 50MA from the beginning of May has been broken down and tested.


Against Bitcoin, the declines continue and all support at the range around 3200 SAT broke down as the price is set to test 2700SAT if Bitcoin’s gains continue to impact XRP. Last time the price dropped from 300 SAT was around December 2017 and we are moving away from the resistance at 4000SAT.



Against the USD, 2019 began steadily around $0.37 with an impressive trading volume showing support and demand in this range. The price sharply increased to $1.80 but has since corrected to $0.87 and it appears to be bearish even though it bounced back. The support is now based around $1.10. Resistance in this range is at $1.30 and if the broken, the next resistance would be at $1.80. It has to be considered that an H&S pattern is emerging.


Against Bitcoin, the support which felt safe in 2019 around 0.0001BTC was broken despite the volume and the sharp rise in April. The new support is based around 0.00008BTC. Resistance in this range is at 0.00011BTC.



Against the USD, TRX is in a trend which is shaping up since the beginning of the year and the support in this range is being built around the $0.03 if the trend will be approved. Resistance is at $0.04. Since the sharp increase in May the volatility also spiked.


Against BTC we are back to 2018 support around 270SAT. Resistance is at 310SAT in this range. As in most markets, the impact of the US on the dollar was mostly focused on Bitcoin.


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