Crypto Price Analysis Overview Feb.26: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron and Digibyte


A volatile week, and as soon as the Bitcoin price approached the resistance around $4200, the selloffs were not long behind, followed by the correction that brought new support around $3,700. The market is doing its bit, and there is still no encouraging news to hit the market FOMO sensors.



Against the dollar, we almost reached the resistance at $170, approaching the support of $130. The daily RSI appears to be positive, but here too the correction slightly deterred the market, and that can be seen in fall in the volume of trading.


Against Bitcoin, the uptrend continued but broke at 0.038 BTC. We reached resistance and support at 0.36BTC. The next few days will tell whether it is only a slight drop off support or that the uptrend has broken.



Against the dollar, the downtrend appears to have been halted, and the price is climbing back above $0.30. Resistance in this range at $0.035.


Against Bitcoin, support held around 8000SAT, and the RSI shows the downtrend breaks and an uptrend has begun instead. Resistance in this range at 8800SAT.



Against the dollar, a positive trend since the beginning of the year with a slight enthusiasm around the BitTorrent fundraising and the subsequent correction holds pretty nicely at around $0.023. Resistance in this range at $0.028 and at the end of the month a fork is expected in the code, and perhaps this is why the price has not experienced a significant correction and support holds.


Against Bitcoin support around 600SAT and resistance at 650SAT. If it holds within this range, we may see another attempt to breach the resistance, since the downtrend is weakening.



Against the dollar despite realizing support holds around $0.01, and also traded in this range. Resistance at $0.013 and it appears to be positive if support holds within the indicated range.


Against Bitcoin, the resistance at 270SAT was breached, and the W is seen on the daily chart that marked this resistance. A sharp rise to the 300SAT areas from where the correction and support around the 270SAT, slightly fragile.


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