Cryptocurrency Nostalgia: These Five Ancient Coins From ‘17 Are Showing Signs Of Life

For the cryptocurrency investors, the end of ‘17 and beginning of ’18 has been the best so far. As Bitcoin and Ethereum climbed to their ATHs, they took literally everything else up with them also. Almost all other coins and tokens rose astronomically, during this time period, double digit gains were extremely common and tokens literally multiplied initial investments by factors of tens!

However, like any bubble, it all came crashing down because the price highs were acquired not on a concrete basis (working product, real world usage etc.) but on promises and future plans –  the infamous ICO era. It’s sufficient to say that an overwhelming majority of those projects went down with tokens declining in price by 99.9% and getting forgotten. But, a few legitimate projects kept building and continue to be well known even today.

A few of them are showing signs of life, ahead of the incoming bull run. The great thing is that we have an idea about their former ATHs, so even though there’s no guarantee, it’s still possible to speculate on their price actions during the bull run. Let’s look at the top five ancient coins, which are waking up, just in time. 

5. Airswap

ConsenSys ran AMM platform, Airswap offers order-book less automated liquidity provision for Ethereum based tokens, much like Uniswap or Bancor. It aims to solve the problem of front running, slow transaction times and privacy. Airswap traded at around $1.85 with a market cap of around $263M during the last bull run. AST token is currently changing hands at $0.11-0.12 and with the upcoming improvements planned for the platform, it might achieve it’s former ATH.

Cryptocurrency Airswap (AST) - CoinGecko
Airswap (AST) – CoinGecko

4. Genesis Vision 

Genesis Vision does fund management, but on blockchain. Launched in 2017 through ICO, it allows anyone to create funds and others to invest in them. The platform offers highly customizable options and a long list of supported assets. GVT’s previous ATH was $39 with a market cap of $145M in the last bull run. For now, the GVT token has a price of $3-4 with a massive upside potential. 

Cryptocurrency Genesis Vision (GVT) - CoinGecko
Genesis Vision (GVT) – CoinGecko

3. Enjin

Enjin is the original Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) project, developing and maintaining the complete infrastructure around this young field. It proposed and developed the ERC-1155 standard for NFTs. Generally, it focuses on the games and gaming items. ENJ token reached a price of $0.46 in the last bull run, with a market cap of $351M. Currently, it’s trading at $0.41-0.43 and is likely to establish new ATHs in the coming days. 

Cryptocurrency Enjin (ENJ) - CoinGecko
Enjin (ENJ) – CoinGecko

2. Siacoin

The pioneer in low-cost and cloud-based decentralized data storage, Siacoin has a long and undisputed history as the leader in the field. Siacoin incentivizes users to contribute their idle unused hard-drive space to store files and earn SC tokens in return from people hosting those files. The files are encrypted and distributed, to ensure security and redundancy. Siacoin reached a price of $0.11 during the last bull run, allowing it to attain a market cap of $2.9B and then traded between $0.002-$0.003. It’s currently trading at $0.0043.

Cryptocurrency Siacoin (SC) - CoinGecko
Siacoin (SC) – CoinGecko

1. Nano

Launched in 2015, Nano is a no-fee low latency payments geared cryptocurrency. It’s selling points are instant transactions, high scalability and Proof of Stake (POS) consensus. Because all supply ($133M) is in circulation, Nano doesn’t have any inflation schedule. During the bull market of 2017-18, it reached upto $33 with a market cap of $4.48B and then traded between $1-2 range afterwards. Recently, the asset again began moving upwards again and crossed the $3.5 mark.

Cryptocurrency Nano (NANO) - CoinGecko
Nano (NANO) – CoinGecko
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