CZ, Binance CEO: Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, But He’s a Fraud

Events of recently are gaining massive traction on crypto Twitter, as infamous Craig Wright announced that he will be suing a user of the platform known as Hodlonaut, for libel.

The ongoing feud is related to the claims made by Craig Wright, about that he is the inventor of Bitcoin, nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao (CZ): Craig Wright is a Fraud

The ongoing dispute on Twitter and other social media platforms has caught the attention of perhaps one of the most prominent proponents of the cryptocurrency industry – the CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance – Changpeng Zhao.

CZ has since laid down his opinion on the matter, supporting the notion that Craig Wright isn’t, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto.

“The real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove it. This is as simple as breathing for him/her. And we have the pub key. Until then, everyone is Satoshi, except Craig Wright.”

Zhao has also explicitly reiterated that Craig Wright, while also supporting the person behind the pseudonym The King of Bedford – Peter McCormack.

Binance to Delist Bitcoin Cash SV

Moreover, CZ has also expressed his willingness to de-list Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BCH-SV) from Binance, should this feud continue. In his own exact words, he said:

Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!

Moreover, CZ has also reiterated that Craig Wright is the one who is poisoning the community of BCHSV, saying that those who support it, need to think twice:

Lastly, anyone who supports BSV from a tech perspective should be attacking the fraudulent Craig Wright, who is poisoning YOUR community, and not attack the rest of the world. Anyone thinking CW is Satoshi should read about how a private key works, ie, learn about crypto.

It’s perhaps his desire to stay out of it that he hasn’t moved to delist Bitcoin Cash SV from Binance because as of the time of this writing, the cryptocurrency is still available for trade on the famous exchange.

However, it’s also clear that CZ doesn’t believe that Wright is Nakamoto. What is more, he has also said that he didn’t like the fact that the BCH hard fork caused Bitcoin to drop below $6,000 which has caused pain to many people in the industry.

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