DASH Price Analysis: DASH in the bearish zone

The Dash price almost reached the bearish zone. The cryptocurrency has displayed an average show in the past few days. What will be the next price target for DASH?

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Dash Price Analysis- $138 Reached!

DASH Price
Dash weekly Price  – trading view

Dash reached $138 and then started a correction. With the rebound on the horizontal resistance, the 0.382 Fib level could not serve as a support. Instead, the dash price immediately moved to the golden ratio, which is around $ 80 but Dash price only found horizontal support between $ 37- $55 again.

Dash price analysis – at the golden ratio!

DASH Price
Dash 1 day  price – trading view

As per the 1-day chart, the golden crossover of the EMAs is still intact. The dash price can now make its way to the 0.382 Fib level at $110, with the 50-day EMA acting as resistance early on around the $ 100 mark. The RSI has almost reached the oversold regions, which in principle speaks for a small upward movement.

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Dash Price Analysis- Death Cross!

DASH Price
Dash 4H price – trading view

In the 4H chart, the RSI has already reached very oversold regions. However, the EMAs placed a death cross. Dash price can continue to correct it. If it does, support could break at $ 65. If it breaks, Dash will only find support between $ 37 and $ 55 again.

In the event of a sustained upward movement, Dash finds three resistances that reflect the bullish price targets:

  • ± $ 100
  • ± $ 110
  • ± $ 140

DASH Price Analysis: The Summary

The summary for DASH/USD which includes moving averages, oscillators and pivots is displaying the selling zone. There are 33% IN holders who are making money at the current price while 61% are OUT holders. The signals are mostly bearish and the net network growth is showing a 0.89% signal value.

The DASH price is right now variable. It is a never-ending battle between Bullish and Bearish but the general trend is bearish right now and most investors are looking forward to it. 

DASH Price
DASH Price© Cryptoticker
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