DCTDAO has launched its MVP

DCTDAO has already launched an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which can be accessed via this link. The MVP is designed to be used in a test environment, which will give potential users of the DCTDAO DEX a feel of how the final product will work. It comes with a full suite of features. However, once the final working product is launched, it will come with extra features based on the feedback that the team gets from the community.

How to Use the DCTDAO MVP

It is worth noting that the DCTDAO MVP is only a test product. Consequently, users should not trade with real tokens when using this product. Any funds that could be lost by trading real tokens are not the responsibility of the DCTDAO team. The team hopes that users of the test platform will follow this rule to avoid any unnecessary loss of their tokens. To begin using the MVP, users can do the following.

  • Install Metamask

The first step before using the MVP is to install the Metamask wallet and connect it to the Polkadot moonbeam network. If a user does not already have a Metamask account, they can easily do so by visiting the Metamask homepage and creating their account.

  • Add Moonbeam

With the Metamask account in place, you will need to add the Moonbeam network to the Metamask account. To do so, visit settings.

Within the settings page, you will click on the Networks tab. You will now view all the available networks. To complete the process, click on Add Network. Fill the columns provided with the following details:

Network name: Moonbeam

New RPC URL: Click Here

Chain ID: 1287

Symbol: GLMR

Block Explorer URK: Click Here

Once you are done, click on the Save button. You now have the Moonbeam network connected to your Metamask account. To complete the process, click on the top and choose the Moonbeam network and you are ready to get started.

How to Receive Moonbeam testnet tokens

To receive your testnet tokens, moonbeam features a discord bot that sends you 10 DEV tokens when you give it your address. Connect to the Moonbeam discord channel and under “Miscellaneous,” you will find the AlphaNet bot channel. To get the test tokens, write this message:

!faucet send <enter-address-here->

where <enter-address-here-> is your address*.

You can learn more about this feature here.

Using the MVP

With everything set up, you can begin to explore the MVP. Visit the DCTDAO MVP and connect your Metamask wallet. You should then swap the MoonBeam tokens GLMR to DCA or DCB ERC20 tokens. The gas price is set to 0 so there is no charge to the testers.

Once you have swapped your GLMR for DCA or DCB, you can add liquidity to the existing pools. During the testing phase, you might encounter some bugs. You must inform the development team about any bugs you will find. That information is crucial to the development and launch of the final product.

The launch of an MVP so soon into the development of DCTDAO shows that the team is serious about launching a final product this year. It shows that there is progress going on in the background and a well-structured product will soon launch.

DCTDAO has promised to launch a product that offers users cross-chain interoperability and quantum Proof security. Once it delivers on these promises, it will be a revolutionary product. It could change how the DeFi world operates. The promise to launch a product that lowers transaction fees while also increasing the speed will no doubt be appealing to the masses. Since the explosion of the DeFi sector, there have been numerous attempts to find interoperability solutions. However, they always fall short by forcing users to sacrifice security for interoperability. However, DCTDAO, which is built on Polkadot Moonbeam and Core could change all that.

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