Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade: Which Exchanges Are Going to Support The ETH Hard Fork?

Ethereum’s system-wide upgrade “Constantinople” which takes place in a few days, will undoubtedly be the most significant crypto event this January. The upgrade was initially scheduled for November 2018. However, it was postponed to January 2019 due to bug problems.

Although there is no specific date for the upgrade, many believe that it will be activated on Wednesday, Jan 16. However, it could be earlier than that as the event will take place once block height 7,080,000 is reached. With an average block time of 15.4 seconds, there are less than 44,000 blocks left until the block height, so the calculations are likely correct.

With the upgrade almost upon us, exchanges are expected to announce their support for the hardfork. Here are all the top exchanges that have officially declared their support for Ethereum’s Constantinople.

Binance, world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, in its official blog, announced its support for the upgrade. The exchange advised its users to make their early deposits to give enough time for their transactions to be processed before the block height.

Hong Kong-based OKEx and Mongolian IDAX also informed their users that they would support the ETH Constantinople hard fork. Both crypto exchanges stated that they would take “snapshots” of the balances of all accounts on their platform at block 7,080,000 before the upgrade.

HitBTC also announced its support for the upcoming hard fork and ensured its users that their funds are safe on the exchange. HitBTC urged customers to give sufficient time for deposits to be processed before the upgrade.

Houbi Global, a Singapore-based exchange that recently entered the US crypto markets through HBUS, also announced that it would support the hardfork, stating that the Houbi will handle all technicalities regarding the upgrade.

Bittrex said in a tweet that it had completed its preparation and fully ready for the Ethereum Constantinople upgrade.

Crypto exchange CEX.IO also stated that it would support the upcoming hard fork, promising users that the exchange will do everything possible to update their systems to protect all funds. All ETH transactions will be on hold right before the upgrade. Customers are, therefore, encouraged to make their ETH deposits or withdrawals before then.

Similarly, Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based exchange announced its support for the hardfork, stating that it will pause all Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens transactions from Jan 14 to 18. The Exchange also provided a link where users can monitor the hardfork process.  Users of Bibox, BitForex, BitMart, HotBit, and China-based Lbank also received confirmations from the crypto exchanges announcing their support for the Ethereum hard fork.

At the time of writing, other crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Gemini, and  Poloniex are yet to declare their support for the upcoming upgrade.


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