Etherscan Launches Search Engine For The Decentralized Web

The premier Ethereum block explorer Etherscan announced on Jun 11 that they are launching a search engine for the decentralized web called “Blockscan”. The beta search engine will initially index .eth, .zil and .crypto domains, with a directory of over 150 websites hosted on the uncensorable decentralized web. This facility is the result of popularity of crypto domains (like Ethereum Name Service or ENS and Unstoppable Domains) and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The search engine itself is hosted on a centralized server, but claims to not store any identifiable analytics data.

Happy to announce a (soft) launch of @BlockscanHQ!

The search engine for a decentralized web. Explore websites on .eth, .crypto and .zil domains, with more to come 🔎

Blog post 👇— (@etherscan) June 11, 2020

The Blockscan search engine will make decentralized web accessible, remove obscurity from this novel field and make it more discoverable. The websites on the decentralized web are stored with InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), with multiple nodes hashing and storing the web pages, allowing for redundancy, reliability and retrieval in adverse circumstances.

About Etherscan

Etherscan is a powerful block explorer, analytics and aggregator platform for the Ethereum blockchain. It is widely used by crypto websites and wallets, to track and report transactions and activity on the network. The website features a clean interface, which presents useful data in a largely concise manner. It extracts data from the Ethereum distributed ledger, indexing and displaying it in a human readable manner, after processing.

Etherscan search engine
Etherscan search engine© Cryptoticker
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