Everest Launches Cryptocurrency Project Registry With DAI Collateral

Everest launched a universal crypto-registry project recently, which aims to curate and build a list of decentralized crypto-projects with community involvement. It aims to develop a credible and decentralized database of all crypto projects, DApps, DAOs, funds and protocols. The registry will require staking of the DAI stablecoin cryptocurrency as collateral, for proving authenticity and ownership. Everest can be integrated onto other DApps to display project details and other information. It notes the identity of every project on-chain, thanks to the ERC-1056 standard.

The salient feature of the decentralized registry that is that no single group has control over the important data. Nor it can be maliciously tampered or manipulated. Only the diverse stakeholders can agree on the contents of shared registry. This unique project will form the foundation of Web3.

1/ Everest is a universal registry of crypto projects curated by the community.

With the launch of Everest, we can now organize the crypto economy in a decentralized way & share details about dApps, DAOs, funds & more in a composable manner.https://t.co/Z76SvqcIuD— Everest (@EverestRegistry) April 27, 2020

Adding Projects To Everest Registry

The users can add or claim a project in the Everest registry by providing accurate description, links, category and images. The projects can be claimed by project representatives, investors and contributors. Also, owners can challenge projects, votes on challenges and delegate votes. This is the result of the governance mechanism. The fees for adding a project to the registry is 10 DAI. A project listing can be challenged by putting DAI at stake.

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