Ex- BitTorrent Executive says the BTT token will Fail On The Tron Network

Ex- BitTorrent Executive says the BTT token will Fail On The Tron Network

While Tron has been surging in price amid a flurry of positive developments and announcements, naysayers have been critical of Tron’s technological progress. The former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent thinks Tron is not technologically equipped to handle BitTorrent’s volume of transactions.

Simon Morris was a top executive at BitTorrent and left shortly after they were purchased by Tron. He says Tron is built on hype and isn’t ready to handle what BitTorrent’s customers demand.

“It seems they’re going in the same direction as our plan,” Morris told BREAKER magazine. “But what’s very clear is that they’re going to say they’re going in the same direction, come what may, because that’s what Tron does…it’s basically, a marketing machine layered on a very thin veneer of technology.”

Morris was also critical of Justin Sun, Tron’s founder and CEO. He said the culture at Tron and the leadership of Justin Sun made him think twice about his future with the emerging crypto company.

“It’s very clear that Justin is very strong at marketing. He has a very nice personality from a marketing point of view. He doesn’t have a technical bone in his body. He wouldn’t understand, technically, anything.

But the approach that bothered me was, the very sort of Trumpian approach—if you get caught in a lie, the answer is you double down on the lie. The endless doubling down on lies that made me think it wasn’t going to be a fit.”

In the interview with BREAKER Morris admitted that tokenization of BitTorrent’s platform could increase the network’s speed by up to 40%, but ultimately contends that Tron would not be capable of maintaining BitTorrent’s needs.

This isn’t the first time someone has accused Tron and Justin Sun of being nothing but hype. It seems his in your face approach to marketing along with constant social media presence rubs many in the space the wrong way. Still, Tron and TRX have a huge, supportive community and tons of money to continue to develop the project. Tron has also recently made a strong statement when they hired former SEC attorney David Labhart to be general counsel at the crypto startup.

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