Four lessons from the Crypto Market in 2018

Four lessons from the Crypto Market in 2018

The year 2018 by brought a lot of high activities in the crypto community, which includes an increase in mainstream participation, boost in the number of crypto users, more awareness of what Crypto is, progress in funding for ICOs when compared to previous years and lots more.

However, the year had come and gone and the market remains. Some of the lessons that could be learned are:

1) Never expect much from the government: it is worthy to note that there were a lot of speculations with regard to US SEC approval of Bitcoin ETFs which a lot of Bitcoin users and other crypto analysts felt was the needed catalyst for the market to bubble. Irrespective of all the expectations, none of it was approved. Also, some countries like India talked about the creation of a national cryptocurrency, but the government is the one that has placed a ban on cryptocurrency related activities.

2) Change is Constant: change could either be positive or negative depending on the side it takes. Yes, irrespective of the downtrend in the market, most investors kept hoping to see a positive change, without acknowledging that change is two-sided. So, expect either in the world of crypto with high volatility.

3) Don’t be certain on any issue that is not within your control: some investors and Crypto proponents had faith that the price of some coins will go up to a certain level. However, all the predictions failed since the volatility in the crypto market can work for and against speculations. So, being certain of a coin price at a given price could only be the boldness of a scam addict.

4) Don’t be hasty to profiteer: like in all investments, it is always counseled that one invest only what they could afford to lose. The early bullishness in the market in late Dec 2017 made a lot of people to rush into the market in early Jan 2017, without knowing how the market works so as to make a quick gain which is now a high degree of loss for investors in the top coins.

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