German start-up ready to completely change the cannabis industry!

According to the white paper from Juicy Fields, or as they call it, “Greenpaper,” “the global cannabis market will be worth $103.9 billion in 2024. By comparison, in 2017, the total value of the cannabis industry was only $7.7 billion.” 

How can you profit from growing cannabis?

Everyone can participate in the cannabis boom! The benefit is generated, as with listed companies, by giving cannabis companies access to funds that they otherwise would not have been able to raise.

In contrast to going public, crowdfunding does not require large capital. On the other hand, of course, investors have different rights than when they own shares. 

But especially for people who are always looking for so-called “Unicorns”, investments that have the potential to multiply themselves, the cannabis boom could be of extraordinary importance! Because those who missed the crypto-boom in 2018 could now smell the chance to jump on the next big train and take the hype of the green flowering miracle with them!

Cannabis on the rise, even in Germany

The benefits of medical cannabis have long been known in Germany, although it took a long time for the government to acknowledge that cannabis is not only an intoxicant, but can offer many health benefits, especially in relation to many diseases. For example, cannabidiol (CBD) can be used as a treatment for many inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or cancer. 

Thus the cultivation of medical cannabis is now also experiencing a new flourishing period in Germany! To make this supposedly rosy future accessible to the common citizen in Germany, the Berlin start-up Juicyfields was founded! Juicyfields goes one step further and turns “crowdfunding” into “crowdgrowing”. Logically, because in the cannabis market not only money is the capital, but also the plant itself! Because the plant periodically produces a profit.

Investing in Cannabis

The greenpaper says: “crowdgrowing” or e-growing uses the power of partnerships in cannabis cultivation and distribution. Common citizens who are interested can now become a part of the cannabis growing industry. Because a legally operating cannabis cultivation company must first go through a process, before the first plant is grown. This process involves:

  • Acquisition of licenses
  • Procurement of capital
  • Research for suitable land or greenhouses
  • Recruitment of staff and management
  • Training of employees and management
  • Recruitment of service providers such as lawyers

The Juicyfields green paper continues: In the crowdgrowing system, the distribution networks, the processing systems, the licenses, employees and cultivation knowledge are already covered by the partnerships and subsidiaries of the “crowd growing” platform. The partners and subsidiaries are fully licensed to grow and/or process THC-dominantly and to export it to countries with pro-marijuana laws”.

A investor gets involved by choosing and buying a plant on the platform. The “plant” represents a predetermined business income for the e-Crowdgrower. The Crowdgrowing Platform uses the funds from the purchase of the plant to expand the greenhouses in the facility, which in turn increases the production capacity and thus the continuous income of the “e-grower” from the initial purchase.

In other words, even an “e-crowdgrower” buys a plant. This plant represents the amount of income from the harvest.

Now the question remains, obviously, if the investor participates with the pure intention of making a profit, isn’t it a security?

No, actually “crowdgrowing” is different from buying a security because the income growth is not dependent on the general conditions of the industry or the financial markets. The expected income of each e-grower, the harvest, is declared at the time of sale. Thus, participation in crowdgrowing does not constitute speculation. 

Advantages of crowdgrowing with Juicyfields:

  • An efficient business model for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis
  • High quality medical cannabis products for cultivation
  • Demand on export markets
  • An existing network of licensed farming partnerships and subsidiaries
  • Reduced costs
  • A profit with every harvest, and several harvests per year are guaranteed
  • No raising of capital
  • Generate an income with a plant-based business

The “Greenpaper” gives four different options for participation, which look as follows:

1. JuicyFlash

Price (for one plant) – 50 €. Especially for those who have concerns or quickly want to generate results, we recommend this option.

The growing period lies at 108 days. The rentability is the sum of the returned amount minus the costs. In this case, the costs are subtracted from the total amount of 50 €, leaving a return between 17.50 € and 32.50 €.

2. Juicy Mist

4 harvests per year, up to 1.600 € every 12 months. A total profit of 3600 € – 4800 € in 3 years can be expected by buying a JuicyMist clone.

3. JuicyKush

3 harvests per year, up to 2.250 € every 12 months. You can expect a total profit of about 6.000 € -9.000 € in 4 years by buying a JuicyKush clone

4. JuicyHaze

2 harvests per year, up to 2.400 € every 12 months. BUT the contract period amounts to 5 years, which equals about 9.000 € – 12.000 € in total profit.

How does it work?

Simply choose the strain of cannabis you want to grow and how many plants you want to have, and the cultivation specialists at Juicyfield’s partners will grow the plants in their greenhouses. You can start generating a profit after just 90 days.

In the clone shop menu you will find many options to choose which type of cannabis you want to grow. 

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Juicyfields cannabis plant
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