Ledger Live App is Now Available For Android and iOS

Ledger, the popular crypto hardware wallet has announced the launch of their new mobile app — Ledger Live.

Ledger Live is designed to serve as a mobile companion to the wallet, and it can be used for securely managing the different cryptocurrencies Ledger integrates with. The app can also allow users to manage their portfolios no matter where they are, or whether they have their Ledger wallet with them.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and it comes with several user-friendly features, such as the ability to configure the hardware wallet easily, import accounts from Ledger Live Desktop version, check the device authenticity. The app has an increased level of security and is protected by a password, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Furthermore, the wallet supports over 1,100 cryptocurrencies which can be stored with ease. The app also allows users to manage their balance, see their transaction history, review their entire account quickly and easily, send and receive funds, and more.

Meanwhile, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue users will also be able to use it for their devices, although to a limited extent, which includes the read-only mode. Unlike iOS. Android users can use the app for making transactions as long as they use an OTG cable.

Ledger Live App

The app to accompany Ledger Nano X

Earlier this month, Ledger announced the release of its new and improved wallet — Ledger Nano X.

The new wallet comes with an improvement of the Ledger S features, as well as with several new features, including a revolutionary Bluetooth integration and the Ledger Live app, which allows a broader range of options.

While Ledger Nano S users can still use the app in read-only mode, Ledger Nano X users can manage their balance, send and receive funds. Ledger Nano X also comes with an improved level of security, simplicity, as well as mobility. It can support up to 100 installed apps, and over 1100 digital assets, like the earlier versions.

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