Ledger sets bounty for information on recent Shopify attacks

The hardware wallet company has offered a Bitcoin bounty to anyone that provides information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators

Ledger announced in a blog post yesterday it would reward 10 bitcoins to anyone that delivers useful information regarding the ongoing data attacks. The current incident involves the e-commerce platform Shopify, which suffered a security breach last year. The breach resulted in a data leak of customers of about 200 of its merchants.

Shopify reported that rogue members of its support team accessed and stole customer transactional records of several companies including Ledger. The wallet maker has admitted that about 20,000 of its users were among those affected by the incident.

We at Ledger have learned very important lessons and will continue to work hard to ensure your trust is well-placed in us. We are humbled. We are becoming stronger and more resilient as a result,” the company wrote.

This disappointing turn of events has rubbed salt in the wound for the firm, with the number of attacks on Ledger customers on the rise since last summer when the first data breach was reported. At the end of last year, reports surfaced that scammers had begun exploiting the data breach at the company.

The wallet maker is now looking to manage the series of attacks and restore its reputation among crypto users. Ledger will award any person that provides information leading to the identification and arrest of the criminals 10 BTC. The Bitcoin bounty roughly translates to about $350,000 as per the current BTC/USD price.

The crypto firm further extended an invitation to other companies to get in on the bounty offer.

Ledger is committing numerous additional resources to identifying and prosecuting those responsible for the attacks on Ledger and Ledger customers including a bounty fund of 10 BTC for information leading to successful arrest and prosecution. We hope other companies will join the bounty program and help make the crypto community a safer place,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to hiring investigators to track the criminals, Ledger will also be adopting a new communication approach to protect its users.

We will implement a messaging model where proactive important security and technical information will be conveyed through Ledger Live. Email and social media will ONLY be used for broadcasting product messages and announcements.”

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