Market Watch: Crypto Market Cap Exceeds $200B. Winter Is Over?

A happy mood for crypto traders and investors today as Bitcoin and the altcoins are recording massive gains on the day.

After breaking its eight-month high, Bitcoin is heading towards the $7,000 level with a press time value of $6,929.

Interestingly, unlike we saw a couple of days and weeks back, the altcoins are responding positively, with the major coins like ETH, XRP, LTC, and EOS recording gains of 10.47% ($196), 7.72% ($0.32), 17.99% ($90), and 12.64% ($5.4) respectively. This 2019 bull run has pushed the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies back above the 200 billion levels.

The total market cap is $ $211 billion | Bitcoin’s market cap is $122 billion | BTC dominance is at 57.7%

Major Crypto Headlines

Ethereum Foundation Plans to Spend $30 Million on Ecosystem Development: The foundation is working towards the development of its blockchain over the next 12 months with more focus on scalability. 

Bitcoin being banned will actually lead to more adoption, says Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano: The CEO believes that any ban on Bitcoin would help increase the adoption rate of the cryptocurrency.

Most Significant Market Gainers and Losers

BuckHathCoin (717.95%)

At the time of writing, BHIG is the biggest gainer in the market, with its value trading more than 700% against the USD. The token, which traded for as low as $0.01 at the start of today, saw a bullish momentum alongside the rest of the crypto market. BHIG has a press time price of $0.08 with a daily volume of $304,912.

BitcoinX (59.38%)

BitcoinX (BCX), a fork of the Bitcoin network, is recording gains of almost 60% against the USD. Despite that the coin is recording significant profits on the daily chart, BCX is still trading at a loss on the 7-days chart. BitcoinX currently trades at $0.00279 with a daily volume of $232,620

CannabisCoin (-64.62%)

Cannabiscoin (CANN) is trading at a loss against the USD. The cryptocurrency started the trading day on a profit margin, but it failed to keep up with the rest of the crypto market on the bull run. CANN now trades at $0.0026, which represents a 64% loss on the daily chart.  The cryptocurrency has a market cap of $203,052 and a daily volume of $156,722.

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