MIR And BADGER: How To Claim These Airdrops Worth Over $500!

Airdrops were a novel concept introduced by cryptocurrencies. The basic premise is simple, projects gave users their token for free or by claim, serving dual purposes of marketing and enhancing usage. Before, these airdrops were strictly restricted to new projects, looking to make their mark. Lately, even established projects have started to do the same for educating users about their product and promoting brand recognition. Go back a few years and most airdrops used to be worthless (at first anyways), however that has changed. Today, we are going to talk about two airdrops (current estimated worth >$500) which you can claim with minimal effort! But first a little history.

It all arguably started with the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap airdropped governance focused 400 UNI tokens to each user, who ever used the platform or provided liquidity to it, any time before September 1, when the screenshot was taken. At the time of the airdrop, UNI tokens were trading at around $3, which meant that Uniswap had essentially given it’s common users ~$1200, the rewards were much higher for liquidity providers of course, reaching upto $250,000 for some long term LPs. Later, the UNI token traded at $8 too for some time, causing the value of airdropped tokens to more than double their worth!

How To Claim Mirror Protocol – MIR Airdrop

It brings us to the present day, it seems that the UNI airdrop just keeps on giving. A new DeFi project Mirror Protocol recently announced that they are going to airdrop MIR tokens, to all users who had at least 100 UNI tokens in their wallets on 23 Nov.

The process to claim MIR tokens is pretty simple. If you qualify on the above mentioned criteria, all you need to do is to visit the official link here and connect your wallet. The interface will display the amount of claimable MIR tokens and you need to pay a small fees to retrieve it. It has been intelligently designed to be delivered to people who didn’t immediately dump UNI tokens.

How To Claim Badger DAO – BADGER Tokens Airdrop

Badger DAO is taking a more extensive approach than the Mirror Protocol. They are giving BADGER token airdrops to a large number of addresses – which have participated in minting of Bitcoin equivalent ERC-20 tokens, joined certain projects and played their part in DeFi governance. An exhaustive list can be seen below.

Badger DAO - Who Qualifies?
Badger DAO – Who Qualifies?

It can be claimed by visiting official link here and connecting wallet. The interface will display the claimable tokens, which can be retrieved with a small fees. Badger DAO airdrop rewards a lot of active DeFi users and has a significant outreach amongst the community. That’s all, folks, happy claiming!

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