NEO Price Up 10% Following A New Partnership On A Medical Data Registry Platform

Chinese Blockchain giant Neo will collaborate with the Korean-based project FLETA on the launch of a clinical trial data registry platform based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology in the Medical Field

The clinical trial data registry is up to the test to make things easier and more secure, addressing eventual data manipulation in the medical industry, using FLETA and Neo teams’ expertise.

As reported, the two companies will be assisted by a variety of experts from Seoul’s Kyung Hee University Medical Centre.

The medical institution will be on board with some specialized activities as experts from the establishment will be providing information on diabetes, which has been collected for the past nine years.

Blockchain Technology To Efficiently Store Data

As recently announced, FLETA is pushing forward to the expansion and strengthening of its ecosystem, not only in Asia and globally.

“We have been mainly operating in Korea for two years and we believe we have built a strong reputation in Korea. We’re excited to bring what we have done to the global region. Working with Neo will definitely accelerate that process.”, said FLETA Global Strategy Head James Song.

NEO’s Asian Expansion

The partnership is a strategic step towards further expanding the presence of NEO in Asia. It follows a previous collaboration between the blockchain platform and the Government of Korea on an innovative project for storing clinical trial data based on the usage of blockchain technology.

NEO Price Up More Than 10%

A lot of altcoins increased their USD value following Bitcoin’s latest rally to beyond $10,000. Nevertheless, BTC has since crashed and lost a lot of its value, dragging a lot of altcoins. NEO remains up more than 10% since yesterday.

The cryptocurrency surged to as much as $13.2 before Bitcoin crashed and pulled the entire market with it, NEO included.

NEO/USD. Source: TradingView

The price retraced violently but managed to bounce and settle at around $12, which is still an increase of more than 11% in one day.

In any case, NEO is now the 19th largest crypto with a total market capitalization of around $847 million.

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