NFTs Gone Mainstream: Twitter Lists Itself On Rarible

In a historical moment for mainstream NFT adoption, the world’s leading micro-blogging platform Twitter has gotten itself listed on Rarible – a NFT marketplace on Jun 30. Twitter uses the following Ethereum blockchain smart contract for verification and authenticity purposes 0xa64d08224a14af343b70b983a9e4e41c8b848584” and can be found here. The first collection has been launched under “The 140 Collection” – an open reference to the platform’s 140 character limit!

Twitter NFTs - Rarible
Twitter NFTs – Rarible

Twitter has introduced six NFTs for now including the Furry Twitter, Vitamin T, Building Characters, First Born, Rare Form, Reply Guy and twttr jggl – each one limited to 20 pieces. Some of them would be given as give-away also. This is yet another instance of a mainstream company deciding to jump on the bandwagon and is likely to enhance legitimacy / adoption of this new asset class. 

Twitter NFT Collection - Rarible
Twitter NFT Collection – Rarible

However, this isn’t the first time Twitter is dabbling in this space. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey earlier promoted the “Valuables BY CENT” service for turning tweets into authentic NFTs, allowing the users to monetize their tweets on Ethereum’s MATIC sidechain / L2 network. His own advertised tweet sold for around $2.9 million and the money was donated to charity. Perhaps, the same functionality would be extended over the Ethereum mainnet in the future, but that remains to be seen.  

NFTs Gone Mainstream Twitter Rarible
NFTs Gone Mainstream Twitter Rarible© Cryptoticker

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