OMG Price Forecast – Will the OMG Price Rise Again?

The OMG price slipped from $10 to $3.2 with no end in sight! Can the OMG price rise again soon?

OMG Price Analysis – OMG falls below the golden ratio support at ±$4!

OMG?USD weekly price chart
OMG/USD 1W – Tradingview

The OMG price was unable to find support at the golden ratio at ±$4, and instead is still moving towards the horizontal support between $2.28 – $2.82. The OMG could have a strong bounce either from there, or from the 50-Weekly-EMA at $2.

OMG Price Forecast – Can the OMG price find support at the 200-Daily-EMA?

OMG/USD 1D – Tradingview

In the daily charts, the RSI might still drop a bit lower, before reaching oversold regions. The MACD is also moving in bearish fashion, which could make the OMG price fall further to the horizontal support, and find upport at the 200-Daily-EMA at $2.14.

Should the OMG price have a strong bounce from there, the golden ratio at ±$4 could act as significant resistance!

OMG Kurs Prognose – OMG in a bull trend?

OMG/USD monthly price chart
OMG/USD 1M – Tradingview

In the monthly charts OMG can still theoretically close over the $4 level, which would confirm the trend to be bullish middle-term. The monthly candle still has two weeks left to turn around.

OMG Price Forecast – OMG soon to meet horizontal support!

OMG/BTC monthly price chart
OMG/BTC 1M– Tradingview

Against Bitcoin the OMG price finds horizontal support between 0.0002433 and 0.0002972 BTC, off which OMG could bounce up. The golden ratio at ±00035 BTC acts as resistance.

The MACD is still undergoing bearish development. The correction seems to be continuing in the short term.

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