Pro Bitcoin Congresswoman Elected to the US Senate

Pro Bitcoin Congresswoman has been elected to the US Senate. Cynthia Lummis has won the senate race in Wyoming after beating Democratic Merav Ben-David.

Cynthia Lummis bought Bitcoin in 2013 

According to a report, Lummis first bought the Bitcoin in 2013 thanks to a gift from her son in law, Will Cole. Cole has worked as the chief product officer at Unchained Capital since December 2019.

Lummis beat Ben-David with 73.1% of the vote. She will be working as a lawmaker over a state that has been holding crypto-friendly institutions. Lummis recently unveiled during the third annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede that she is a bitcoin hodler. She said :

I bought my first bitcoin in 2013 because I believe in the economic power of scarcity and the potential for bitcoin to address some of the manipulations in our financial system.

Lummis’s long-term support for the cryptocurrency is clearly acknowledged in the state. Caitlin Long, a CEO and a crucial person in Wyoming’s crypto push, openly complimented Lummis on her victory as the first pro-Bitcoin Senator. She tweeted:

According to the report, the state of Wyoming has gained notoriety over the last few years for its perceived efforts to develop the cryptocurrency and blockchain business in the state with beneficial law. Starting in late 2017, the state government has passed various bills to bring new companies and to provide existing ones more open support to work.

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