Quppy Multi-Currency Payment App Launches White Label Wallet Payments

Quppy Multi-Currency Payment App Launches White Label Wallet Payments

Quppy, a highly functional multi-currency, cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet has announced the addition of white-label technology to its existing features.

With this forward-thinking manoeuvre, projects of all types can now integrate the solution, as it is powered by a blockchain-based decentralised white label wallet from Quppy and Quppy Exchange to facilitate the buying and selling of cryptos and payments processing.

Importantly, the Quppy team can now help clients create wallets for their altcoins or other coins, irrespective of their availability in the wallet.

With these excellent features, users can now launch projects powered by their own platform and also display their own custom design and logo.

Users can also tweak the system to their choice, removing or adding features as required.

Even with the great features of the platform, it remains entirely decentralised, giving users absolute control of their funds.

The Quppy Advantage

The new Quppy system makes it possible for payment providers to use third-party technologies without friction and facilitate payment processing for merchants.

Additionally, the new system offers users a vast array of benefits including

Fund Security: the new payment gateway offers users tools to help fight fraud and protect their hard-earned money from bad actors.

Quick Installation: Clients do not need to create their payment platforms from the ground up, as the white label system is ready to use.

  • Tested and trusted
  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficient

The platform also offers users a 24/7 multilingual support. The customer care team work round the clock, ensuring the platform is in top shape at all times.

Quppy also offers users legal support as well as technical support.

IBAN Accounts for Quppy Users

Another essential feature of Quppy is the creation of IBAN accounts in European Banks, EU collection accounts, Virtual IBAN in SEPA and more.

The accounts can handle SEPA transfers in EU nations, the CIS and other countries.

In the first quarter of 2019, Quppy will start issuing users corporate cards.

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