Remain Completely Anonymous When Dealing With Cryptocurrencies (Almost)

featured – 2017 was nothing but great for cryptocurrencies. The entire market flourished, peaking at a capitalization of over $700 billion. The most popular digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) was leading the march.

The asset reached an astronomical price of about $20,000 towards the end of December 2017. The hype put cryptocurrencies on the map for the average Joe, highlighting its countless benefits.

Amongst these benefits, anonymity, and privacy especially stand out. Cryptocurrencies, for the most part, are touted as a secure and anonymous way of transferring value from one place to another. Bitcoin, for instance, was designed to be an entirely “peer-to-peer electronic cash system.”

And this looks appealing to a broad audience of users.

The Need for Anonymity

We live in a world where we spend a lot of our time online, browsing various websites and social media. With this one inevitable truth seems to be standing out – centralized entities are gradually eroding our online privacy. Hence why the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies appears to be promising enough to give back control of their money and data to the user.

This was massively highlighted by the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal, which took place at the beginning of last year.

Cambridge Analytica was a British political consulting firm, now defunct, which harvested personal information of millions of users of the Facebook platform without obtaining their consent. What is worse, this information was then used for political purposes, which caused a massive turmoil, dragging Facebook’s share prices down.

Facebook and other social media platforms are collecting our information. Whenever we comment, like, share, or do any other interaction with any type of content on the platform, it’s being recorded. This information is then passed on to third parties, most commonly advertisers, which use it to tailor ads specifically to our actions. That’s irritating, to say the least.

Hence why using services such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could strip you of this burden and mask your current IP address.

Benefits of Using a VPN

The benefits of using a VPN such as VeePN are countless. In light of cryptocurrencies, you can achieve tremendous levels of anonymity, especially when you combine the privacy already provided by some digital assets and the abilities of VPN services.

Combining cryptocurrency usage with a VPN increases the user’s anonymity when transacting via the Internet. The privacy layers of cryptocurrencies and the fact that a VPN masks your IP address means that it will become almost impossible for someone to trace your moves.

One of the significant benefits of a VPN service is that it secures your Internet connection. This guarantees that all of your information is encrypted, and it is adequately secured from third parties.

Think of it this way – if cryptocurrencies protect the anonymity of your online payments, VeePN protects everything you do on the Internet. When you combine both, you can ensure maximum user anonymity when it comes to your overall online activities.

It Doesn’t Stop There

VeePN comes with a broad range of further benefits. Users can find any information they need freely using the company’s VPN software. Besides, they are also capable of accessing any blocked content from anywhere in the world.

Going further, the software takes advantage of AES 256-bit encryption to hide your location, while also safeguarding your personal information.

The software is straightforward to use, and users can access it regardless of their device. This means that they can also use it on smartphones, regardless of whether they run on iOS or Android. The effort required to set it up is minimal.

Anonymity Is Possible

While centralized solutions would go above and beyond to obtain as much information about you as they can, remaining anonymous is possible, especially with the rising popularity of cryptography in both digital assets and VPN software.

Using the right combination of instruments can help you achieve superior levels of privacy, leaving you out of harm’s way.

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