RIP – Crypto Celebrity John McAfee Found Dead In Spain

Computer programmer, businessman, founder of the McAfee antivirus solution and crypto celebrity John McAfee was reportedly found dead in his cell in Spain, where he was being held after being arrested for charges of tax evasion in United States, several sources said on June 23. He allegedly hanged himself, according to his lawyers and resuscitation attempts proved unsuccessful.

John McAfee was arrested in Barcelona on Oct 2020, when he was due to depart for Turkey, after he was convicted of tax evasion in the United States for promoting and profiteering from cryptocurrency promotion, consultancy, speaking work and selling the rights to his life story for a documentary.

He was famous for promoting random crypto projects during the great bull market of ’17-’18, where his picks of the day saw great price appreciation and volatility, it was alleged that John McAfee received heavy financial compensation in millions for recommending these projects to his million followers. John also predicted that Bitcoin would reach 1 million dollar valuation per coin.

Being accused of erratic behavior and extensive run-ins with the law, John McAfee is considered to be a difficult but principled person. He was especially supportive of crypto, personal freedoms and highly skeptic of government’s conducts. Now, suspicions are being cast over his alleged suicide.

It’s because John McAfee said several times during his life that if he’s dead, it shouldn’t be considered suicide, because bad men were still out there chasing him. He also alleged that they would tried to kill Epstein style – a reference to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who also died by hanging in prison and remains a controversial topic to this day as to if he really killed himself.

He was an eccentric life loving person, known for his luxury life style and appreciation for it’s joys and hence most people find it difficult to believe that he suddenly hanged himself. This is a developing story, facts are still coming out, though it’s unlikely that the conspiracy theories would die out anytime soon.

John McAfee RIP
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