Ripple forges new four new partnerships under global initiative

It has been a tough year owing to the global pandemic and its consequent crises, but that hasn’t stopped Ripple from closing new deals

The San-Francisco based company has recently made some big moves in its efforts to push for the mainstream adoption of its digital asset XRP. Ripple has secured several partnership deals since the beginning of the year.

Introducing new names to its partnership list

The company announced through a blog post that Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) has brought on board four new names to its current list of partner institutions.

The names that’ll be joining the UBRI network are ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the Ryerson University and the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). These four additions bring the total number of UBRI partnerships supported by the global initiative to 37 across 15 countries.

Building a research centre

Ripple added that the UBRI was jointly working on a project with the University of Zurich.  The university’s Fintech Innovation Lab is said to be building a Centre for Sustainable Digital Finance that would be the world’s first interdisciplinary research centre in the digital finance landscape.

The research centre will be obligated to conduct “research on the digitisation of financial services in partnership with multiple stakeholders, including regulators, businesses, financial companies, and consumers.”

Tapping on the potential of blockchain in Switzerland

The partnership with ETH Zurich will seek to unlock the potential of blockchain by lending assistance to the university’s project of incorporating secure, multi-party computation methods into blockchain.

The company’s blog post read, “UBRI also provides technical support for the university’s efforts to integrate secure, multi-party computation techniques into blockchain protocols and model smart contracts.”

Establishing a ripple blockchain bollaboratory

Ryerson University’s Cybersecurity Research Lab, on the other hand, is developing a data-driven decentralised system called Mosaïque. The lab’s director explained that with Ripple’s expertise in blockchain on board, it’d be able to launch a token-based payment rail for Mosaïque.

Setting a new course for the current generation

Ripple also highlighted the expanding blockchain sector in Mexico that has grown by 90% in the past two years. Traditional firms in Mexico have switched to blockchain solutions as a way of dealing with inadequacies. The UBRI collaboration with ITAM will formulate new courses to make students well-equipped for the vast demand for Fintech and blockchain talent.

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