Seascape is set to Enhance the Gaming World – Easy 10x SOON?

Many contenders entered the gaming world from the crypto sphere. They all have the same mission: a fair and decentralized space for gamers and developers. The question is not which project is better anymore, but who implements faster changes to the gaming infrastructure. Will Seascape Network prevail?

Seascape Crypto

Although cryptocurrencies started with the aim of transferring digital money, their mission today encompasses much more than simple cross-border transfers. Decentralization created deeper concepts like banking, gaming, arts, digital ownership, and much more. Enter Seascape, an ecosystem built on Ethereum and substrate infrastructure. DeFi and NFT economies work well on this blockchain as well. Let’s delve deeper into this promising platform and see if it’s worth an investment in 2021.

What is Seascape Network?

As mentioned earlier, Seascape is an infrastructure build for gamers and developers. This network aims to seamlessly enable users to enter the world of blockchain games and Decentralized Finance. This would be done by removing complex barriers, which normal users are facing in today’s blockchain ecosystem. Think of it as the next “Wix for Blockchain Gaming”, where gamers will have a very friendly user experience while playing games destined to run on the platform. The games will offer unique incentives and rewards to users who contribute to the growth and liquidity of the Seascape network.

Technically, Seascape will develop Software Development Kits (SDKs) which will standardize all the moving parts involved with releasing a game on the Seascape platform. Additionally, it will offer easier ways to publish games by eliminating enormous fees that are associated with traditional gaming platforms. Which infrastructure will Seascape use? Perfect transition to our next part:

Is Seascape on Ethereum?

Although the Seascape ecosystem uses Ethereum, they plan to start building games on the Binance Smart Chain. This decision is in place to boost their rapidly expanding world of gaming. BSC’s dual chain architecture technology will allow users to access hyper-fast trading for which the BSC is widely celebrated. On the other hand, Decentralized Apps (Dapps) that are built on top of this chain will make use of the BSC flexibility to scale and remain within budgets. This of course comes with the drawback of operating within a “centralized” environment.

Who created Seascape Network?

The team behind the well-known game BLOCKLORDS developed Seascape networks. This game is a blockchain strategy game in medieval times, where players can create heroes, trade items, conquer cities and earn taxes on sales made within the game. In fact, it launched successfully on major Dapps protocols. The game’s idea represents the perfect scenario for a decentralized environment, which helped in the creation of Seascape and its vision. The creators of this project reside around the globe, from China to Japan, to Sweden, to Singapore.

Does Seascape have a Token?

YES! CROWNS is the token for Seascape. Crowns is a token designed to reward all key stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem. It was initially introduced via the game BLOCKLORDS, as a way to reward all the players. If you own this token, you can do the following:

  • Buy games and services from the Scape Store
  • Stake and earn high yields
  • Mint and Trade NFTs
  • Create players backed by Crowns
  • Validate the Seascape network
  • Trade the token for profits

Is Seascape Crowns a good investment?

While the project looks very promising, one cannot put all his eggs in one basket. Putting that aside, Seascape definitely sounds like a good investment. Looking at its peers and how they are performing, they all are doing a great job advancing further in their project timelines. Enjin for example, which is a similar project, is doing partnerships with well-known big tech companies and is planning to introduce more technology to the masses. Enjin’s market cap sits around USD 1.7 Billion. On the other hand, Seascape is sitting at a market cap of a mere USD 38.8 Million! Opportunity? Big YES! There is plenty of room for growth and this represents the perfect example of a small-cap project that might yield big.

  • Crowns current price: USD 47.16
  • Current Market Cap: USD 38,827,459
  • Market Cap rank: #589

Fig.1 CWS/USD 1-hour chart showing Crowns’ conservative Price-Action – CoinMarketCap

How to BUY Seascape CROWNS

There aren’t many exchanges that offer to trade or hold Crowns. Since this is a relatively new project, here is a list of the exchanges where the token Crowns is available:

  • Uniswap (V2)
  • PancakeSwap
  • OpenOcean
  • 1inch.Exchange

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