Smartphone-based crypto mining platform, Plosive sells out its IEO within 20 minutes on ChainX

Have you ever considered cryptocurrency mining as a great source of earning? We bet you must have! But, the heavy mining equipment, computational power, and the expensive nature of crypto mining have always been a hurdle. But not anymore. Plosive (PLO) provides you the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency from your smartphones, without having to deal with the hassle of expensive and bulky pre-requisites like mining equipment.

What is Plosive? 
To put it simply, Plosive is a cryptocurrency specifically designed to enable crypto mining from smartphones. It is a mobile rewards application and does not require the users to pay any amount in advance in order to avail of its smartphone-based crypto mining facility. Plosive claims to be a low-power eco-friendly alternative to traditional crypto mining practices. Moreover, the platform is secure and transparent in all aspects. It has already collaborated with a number of blockchain-based projects in order to provide users with discount benefits, access to new products, etc.

Plosive sold out its IEO within 20 minutes on ChainX
Plosive recently conducted its Initial Exchange Offering on ChainX, which is a multi-currency Korean crypto exchange. Surprisingly, in the first round of token sale held on the 25th of March, it sold out to investors and crypto enthusiasts just within 30 minutes of opening. Second round of token sale held on the 28th of April, it sold out to investors and crypto enthusiasts just within 20 minutes of opening. An IEO is generally meant to distribute tokens via a partner exchange, in this case, ChainX, in order to instill more security and transparency. And Plosive’s performance in the first 20 minutes reflects nothing but investors’ trust in Plosive’s concept of eco-friendly smartphone-based crypto mining.

Surprisingly, the buzz did not fade off after the first round. Plosive sold out all its tokens, even in its second round of IEO on ChainX, within the first 20 minutes of launch.

Plosive VS Traditional Crypto Mining
Traditional Crypto Mining usually involves large and expensive mining equipment with huge computational power. However, only a handful of entities are able to afford that – thus, undermining the whole concept of equal power and decentralization.

Plosive, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for everyone interested to start mining crypto and earn rewards, simply by using their smartphones. It thus mitigates the need for third-party mining equipment suppliers and provides you a more secure path of earning rewards via crypto mining. On top of that, the platform helps you execute the process in a very simple manner, as a result of which, you do not need to indulge in the complexities of blockchain technology. This entire concept of ‘mining made easy for all’ is a massive step in driving crypto adoption, and will definitely go a long way – especially because of the additional benefits that users can access on the Plosive platform –  P2P Mining, maximum rewards, and multisystem mining.

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