SNAX Brings Real Value To Social Media Content

SNAX Brings Real Value To Social Media Content

Influencers Will Get Rewarded for Publishing Great Content

Do you feel that major social media platforms are piggybacking on the content creators, reaping nearly all the benefits, leaving true influencers with peanuts? Well, there is a remedy for such a blatant injustice! Snax introduces an innovative blockchain overlay solution that will allow social media influencers to capitalize on their quality content and feedback on the existing platforms, thus preserving the accumulated UX and the network of followers.

To put it simply, Snax will provide active users of social media to make money with a blog by rewarding them for their efforts in producing engaging content which many followers like, comment, and repost.

It will create a totally new economy of social interactions based on the use of the SNAX token as well as the unique algorithm of content value calculation, seamless fee-free transactions, and the utilization of social dApps. Snax will launch its main network at the end of this year’s 4th quarter and reward each newly registered user with an airdrop of 50 SNAX tokens. Don’t miss your chance to start earning cryptocurrency by simply continuing publishing content on the popular social platforms.

You can easily make decent beer money, or even a steady income, if you choose to become a part of the Snax network right now. Thanks to Snax, a social currency of next generation, users will be able to receive publisher rewards in the form of SNAX tokens for their activity on such popular platforms like Twitter, Reddit and more by registering for free with Snax. The new content evaluation formula, which takes into account such factors as the account weight, the followers’ weight, and the attention rate, will enable a fair distribution of SNAX tokens.

Moreover, users will be able to send SNAX donations to their favorite social media personalities even if those content publishers aren’t registered with Snax. The donated funds will be linked to a given account on a social media platform that had been integrated with Snax and safely stored until the recipient decides to join Snax. It is very important to note that all transactions between registers participants in the Snax network will be carried out instantly and without any fees. This means that you can make money with a blog without worrying that a significant part of it will dissolve in various transaction fees.

There other factors that make Snax distinct from other blockchain -based social interaction projects is that the company won’t be carrying out an ICO and the users, who want to become a part of Snax ecosystem, won’t be required to purchase any tokens or other digital assets. Instead of the ICO, Snax will pre-mine 21% of tokens (100 billion tokens will be issued overall) to ensure its sustainable development whilst the remaining 79% of tokens will be allocated for publisher rewards. This makes Snax the most user-oriented project within the entire blockchain industry that doesn’t seek immediate profits but strives to create the merit-based system that encourages influencers to publish more high-quality content more frequently by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. Subsequently, Snax plans to transition to the absolute DPOS democracy.

Snax is a revolutionary blockchain project that introduces a social currency which will establish justice in the area of social interactions. If you are an influencer who want to make some beer money (or even more) by being rewarded with highly-prospective tokens, then you should definitely consider registering with Snax!

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