Stratus: The Most Technologically Advanced Ecosystem Revolutionizing Social Media in 2020

The internet has continued to see an upsurge in growth to over 4.5 billion users. A report shows that more than 321 million new users joined social media platforms in 2020. All the growth is owing to the latest technologies aimed at improving service delivery. However, data selling and censorship policies in all the platforms are still menacing the internet world.

Fortunately, things are about to change with the unveiling of a blockchain social media ecosystem, Stratus! The Apollo fintech’s project set for its unveiling in the third quarter of 2020 aims to encompass ultramodern solutions to the internet. Some of its advanced features and technologies are completely new in social networking.

Technological Innovations

Stratus is the most technologically advanced social media ecosystem of all time. The advancements are credits to the Apollo blockchain hub. Some of the most futuristic features of apollo blockchain include;


  • Quantum Resistance


The world is soon migrating to quantum computing, meaning any programs that are not quantum resistant risk reaching their end. Since the Apollo blockchain is quantum-resistant, Stratus will survive the migration.


  • Database Level Sharding


Database-level sharding involves the breakdown of data into small independent shards. The aim is to increase the resources for faster processing and completion of transactions and communications. 

The First All Inclusive Ecosystem

Stratus is the first social media platform offering social networking services all under the same network. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Medium, Tiktok, Youtube merged into one dashboard platform.

Moreover, in Stratus, users will only need a pair of login details to enjoy the platform’s different services. After opening the platform, users will access all the dashboard services by just choosing the respective function.

Merging services in this way makes it easy to access all services. CEO Stephen Mccullah of Apollo fintech is working to introduce even more advanced features in the four phases of Stratus’ release.

First Censorship Free platform

Adding to its uniqueness, Stratus infuses freedom of speech as its core quality. Unlike the existing platforms that fight against freedom of speech, Stratus vouches for freedom. The platform achieves that by foremost, including an end to end encryptions to all communications.

More so, Stratus focuses on unwarranted social media censorship; it does not censor anything sanctioned. That offers an ample opportunity for all content creators globally. 

First Platform with Investment Option

For years, social media’s role in forex investment was promotional; they advertise the forex companies’ services. However, none has ever provided the option of forex trading or other asset investments.

Stratus is redefining social media’s role in forex investments by introducing a platform that offers exchange services similar to Robinhood. It will provide asset exchange opportunities for a wide range of assets, including stock, gold, e.t.c. 

A Social Network with Crypto Exchange Opportunities 

Besides being the first social network to offer stock exchange services, Stratus introduces a new feature. The feature is going to parallel the services provided by Coinbase, exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The platform will provide a universal wallet which will offer exchanges to almost all cryptocurrencies. Apollo blockchain will hub the wallet, thus giving added security to the network. Adding a crypto service to the platform is the best way of driving faster crypto adoption to the globe.

First Social Network Giving Payment Opportunities

Since the platform will offer marketing opportunities, it’s vital to have a platform offering reliable payment services. Stratus will also give a payment option to all users. 

To achieve that, Stratus will create a platform akin Paypal that will allow users to pay for any services. Moreover, Stratus will introduce Knox world pay. The payment platform will enable persons to receive and send BTC via SMS. 

Even better, the transactions will be processed in 2 seconds, offering fast and cheap transactions worldwide. That will bolster peer to peer transactions, encouraging global trade.

A Social Network with Own Currency

In addition to offering a payment platform, Stratus introduces its currency. Apollo currency, based on the Apollo blockchain, gives users the best currency to use for trade.

The currency, priced at $0.00092296, is among the fastest most reliable cryptocurrencies in the crypto space due to Apollo blockchains features. Merchants, Companies, and buyers can enjoy the convenience of secured global transactions. 

Final Word

The internet and social media revolution is a delayed but inevitable event. Stratus will soon air and take over the internet and all its services. Among its advancements is the Apollo blockchain technology hub, which brings security and diversity in the crypto space. Its quantum resistance, end-to-end encryption, and database-level sharding will assure users’ efficiency and convenience. Moreover, the platform’s censorship free policy is the first in the social networking space and will guarantee content creators of freedom of speech.  

Unlike all social networking platforms, Stratus brings economic value to the internet by providing payment platforms. It shows a great vision by creating space for the crypto world, the financial world’s future. The announcing of Knox world pay by Stephen Mccullah will foster advancements by driving crypto adoption

Stratus is the most visionary, revolutionary, and futuristic social media ecosystem of all time.

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