Stratus: The New Social Platform Primed to Redefine Social Media

Stratus, the world’s most expansive social network, is set to introduce the ultimate simplicity and convenience. The unique and exciting platform will incorporate all the major functions of mainstream social media platforms combined with financial services.

The existing social media platforms face many challenges, such as lack of trust, privacy breaches, and censorship susceptibility. Moreover, users of social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter currently have no interoperability whatsoever. They are restricted to the one platform they sign in to and cannot enjoy the features of two or more platforms simultaneously.

Many internet users also complain that they cannot connect their profiles from one site to another and are forced to regurgitate their profile info whenever they sign up for a new platform.

Stratus plans to integrate the functionality of mainstream social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Simultaneously, the ecosystem will introduce an investment app similar to Robinhood and Coinbase that facilitates commission-free trading in crypto and stocks due to intermediaries’ absence. 

Stratus Goes Big on Data Privacy And Security

The existing social platforms have been known to cross some ethical lines with data phishing strategies that go as far as reading private chats and even tracking users. They then sell the data to advertisers and other third parties, including government agencies. 

According to Apollo Fintech CEO Stephen McCullah, Stratus is opposed to prioritizing the chase of profits through data mining and advertisements. He promises to respect and retain user data integrity by ensuring it isn’t sold to other entities for any reason whatsoever.

From the fact that Stratus is hosted on Apollo Fintech’s blockchain, that means no hackings or data loss can occur on the network. The platform addresses the issue of trust via its end to end encryption designed to protect content, and up that allows all interactions to be stored safely on the blockchain.  

Encryption designed to protect content is under attack. After earlier reporting, Forbes affirms that social media networks could be forced to provide back doors in end-to-end encrypted messaging systems.

Therefore, a social media platform that pays special focus on resisting the collection, tracking, and sale of user data and personal info is a breath of fresh air in today’s digital world. With Stratus, the data held is never distributed and is always protected with military-grade encryption.    

A Decentralised Platform for All

Besides bringing the best functionality and excellent user experience to the social media space, Stratus will also integrate sound blockchain architecture and algorithms that protect it against censorship. 

This censorship-free feature sets the new platform apart in an era where suppression of certain views on social media has reached unprecedented proportions.

Individuals with dissenting views are often banned from top sites such as Twitter and Facebook. At the same time, other users have to contend with constant monitoring from algorithms that often remove politically incorrect or unorthodox posts as soon as the user hits the post button.

On Stratus, users will essentially say goodbye to censorship, as the platform is striving to create a free-speech ecosystem where anyone can share legal content without fear of getting banned or censored.

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